3 Simple Steps to Build Brand Ambassadors

Posted in Branding | October 10,2018

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What’s the Best Kind Of Advertising?

By Cyndi Miller, CEO, Miller Public Relations

The kind you don’t pay for of course! Wouldn’t it be GREAT if you could have dozens (even hundreds!) of fans working for you and not even have to pay them? Well, you can, I promise!

It starts with creating the most welcoming culture possible, which naturally results in an outstanding experience for your patients or customers. Commit to it, nurture it, and you will grow a base of loyal ambassadors who will promote your brand and happily refer their friends and family to you, both now and in the future.

Let’s look at some simple steps you and your team can take to begin the process of creating loyal ambassadors for your business:

1. Deliver Amazing Service.

Simple, right? Well, it can be. Providing a pleasant and memorable experience while patients/customers are engaging with your team is THE single-most important area in building a robust referral-based business. This starts with working to…

2. Create a Culture that Invites Success.

You can’t deliver amazing service to your patients/customers if your team isn’t on board and on the same page, right? The kind of culture I am talking about is literally created. It is something that is vitally important to the health of your team and something that should be kept in constant focus. Our clients who enjoy wonderful reputations in their industry are those who have defined and regularly maintained the culture they want to work and serve in. Success is never accidental. Commit to finding and generously investing in people who genuinely care about the people you serve and the overall experience they can expect at your place of business. You can teach people the skills they need to do their job, but for most of us, selflessly serving others is not an innate trait. So take time to get to know your potential and existing team members with the purpose of creating culture warriors!

3. Be All in. All the Time.

Something I have ingrained into every team member at Miller Public Relations is the “YES” mentality. I am known for saying, “Yes, we can!” to just about any request that comes our way. The same goes for our clients. Creating a culture of five-star service begins with adopting a YES Mentality. This must start at the top and filter into every aspect of your organization. It is the thing that will set you apart more than anything else. What does this mean?

“Can I come in for a consult today?” YES.

“Can I come this evening after work?” YES.

“Can I…” YES.

Are you getting it? 😀

Let’s Build Your Brand

As part of our full-service marketing and PR services to help grow your reputation (and your bottom line), Miller Public Relations offers customized consulting and training on-site at your place of business. Hands-on training in creating and delivering an amazing patient/customer experience, developing and maintaining a winning culture and providing five-star customer service are just a few topics! These interactive (and fun!) training sessions will transform your team, your culture, your delivery…all for the better.

We’d love to chat more with you about our consulting services in these important areas. We appreciate the opportunity. Call us at (817) 281-3440 or fill out the form below.   ADD_THIS_TEXT