7 Must-Do Tips for Writing a Killer Blog Post

Posted in Business Practices, Copywriting, Digital, Marketing, Social Media | January 25,2012

Are you thinking about starting a blog? Maybe you’ve already begun but need a little guidance. Whether you’re a beginner or a self-proclaimed pro, we’ve outlined 7 tips to help your blog attract the attention it deserves.

1.)  First and foremost, blog about a topic you’ve known and enjoyed for a while. Arguably, the worst thing you can do is choose a topic in which you aren’t decently knowledgeable and 100% committed.  Deciding on a topic you enjoy, such as your favorite hobby, makes it much easier for you to WANT to produce regular content.

2.)  Be sure you include a striking title. This is the very first chance you have to catch your readers’ eye – so go ahead and make it count! Why should people choose to read your blog over the 1,000s of others written on the same topic?

3.)  Use an informal tone. Tell your message as if you were talking to a good friend and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine.  Whether you select a humorous, cynical or lighthearted tone, as long as it’s genuine, you’ll attract the right audience.

4.)  Include a call to action. When writing, keep in mind that people turn to blogs for motivation, guidance and opinions.  A successful blog should share valuable information that moves the readers to participate and encourages communication of BOTH conflicting and likeminded opinions.

5.)  Write your content in press release format. As discussed earlier, you have limited time to catch and hold your audiences’ attention.  To ensure that the meat of your blog is ingested, begin with your most significant points, just as you would in a news release.  Reread your post when finished to make certain all ideas are relevant to the reader AND the main theme.

6.)  Get creative. When it comes to YOUR blog, no one knows YOUR message better, so don’t limit yourself to common standards and practices.  While tips such as these are meant to improve the delivery of your message  – they should not serve as a step-by-step manual.  Not all suggestions work for all bloggers.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.

7.)  Include lists and bullets. If you have not yet noticed a reoccurring theme, we’ll say it once again. Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to catching your readers’ eye.  Most people tend to skim instead of taking the time to read each post thoroughly.  To dodge this obstacle, use bullets and lists.  The easier the good stuff is to find, the better chance of your audiences reading, finding value, and ultimately sharing your blog.

Think we missed something important?  Tell us what you’ve done to maximize your blog’s wow factor!