A Quick Guide to Facebook Ads

Posted in Social Media | June 27,2011

You’ve probably seen ads show up on your Facebook page, but wondered how it all works. Facebook Advertising is actually the largest display advertising company in the world now.

It’s no surprise. Facebook now has over 750 million users and it can be a great place to reach your audience. Here’s why:

Easy Facebook Ads are very easy to set up. You can get to the interface by going to Facebook.com/ads. Anyone familiar with Facebook will be familiar with the interface. You simply fill out the forms for the headline and body, upload a photo, and you have created an ad.

Targeting One of the most effective features of Facebook Ads is the ability to target an ad based upon anything on a user’s profile. If you’re a single 21-year-old guy, you probably see lots of dating ads. If you are in a relationship and in your mid-to-upper 20s, you probably see ads for weddings and engagement rings. The targeting is why you see those ads. Facebook marketers target based upon your online profile and the things you “Like” within Facebook.

Cost Facebook ads can also be very cost-effective. It is a bidding model, like Google, but you can choose to pay in Cost Per Thousand (CPM ) or Cost Per Click (CPC). There are many pros and cons to each, but experimentation will help you pick the correct format.

Advanced While Facebook may seem like a very straightforward tool, you still have to pay very close attention to the numbers and your ROI. Facebook ads also have to be rotated and updated more often, so it makes it a little more difficult that Google ads.

It also has to align with your goals, whether that be adding more “Likes” to your page, driving website traffic or selling more product. To get the most from Facebook Ads, you really need a professional to manage it, or you could end up wasting a lot of money.

Tammie Bonham Senior Media Buyer