Always ask, “How can I help?”

Posted in Social Media | June 21,2011

One thing we always hear is, “I want more followers.” Besides asking the business questions such as, “what do you want these followers/fans/likers/whatever to do?”, the big question we reply with is, “Why should someone follow your brand?” This is a tough question for most people in social media to answer.

Think about that for a second. Why should the average customer care? What will you give them they couldn’t get somewhere else?

Sometimes it’s a simple contest (they could win something for liking the page), but more often you will need to get creative. Well-targeted contests can work, and work very well, but they do not always have scalability and you don’t want to get a reputation as “the contest people” on Facebook.

Perhaps you have a well-defined niche, and thus have a lot more to talk about than just “the brand”. For instance, if you sell skateboarding shoes, you could post everything from tips on how to be a better skateboarder to the most extreme tricks by your endorsers.

If you are a local business, there is a wealth of information for you to post about what is happening in your city. You could post everything from your personal reviews of new restaurants in town to different concerts and sporting events happening. The possibilities are endless.

Your posts should be helpful to your social media following. With every post on Twitter or Facebook, you should answer the question, “How can I help?”

This doesn’t mean that social media is not a place to sell. It is more of a soft sale, but posting a coupon, a special or even something interesting about your brand (like a behind-the-scenes video or little-known fact) helps your customers in a multitude of ways: they get a discount and they get to know you better. Feeling like they understand you (and by extension your brand) makes them a better customer, one more likely to come back to you time and again.

Are you being a resource in social media? If so, people should be coming to you for information. If not, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your social media presence.

Best, Chrissy Madison Social Media Specialist