Three Best Ways to Reach Millennials Using Marketing

Posted in Business Practices, Digital, Marketing, Social Media | November 16,2016

    Millennials were the first to grow up with technology at their fingertips. They are used to constant connection and most millennials will be connected to multiple devices at the same time.

Brands must maintain constant communication with millennials. They need to be able to provide support whenever millennials want it. The 9-5 lifestyle is a thing of the past.

Use Technology Purposefully – Did you know that smartphones have officially taken over desktop computers as the number 1 way people search online?

  • So be careful. Phones display information differently than traditional screens so test and make sure your website displays and functions properly on mobile.
  • Millennials (and everyone else, for that matter) will be viewing your site on their phone. If it doesn’t work smoothly or look good in that format, the odds of attracting them as a new patient greatly decrease!

Post Regularly on Your Practice’s Social Media Accounts – This not only shows your existing and potential patients that you care about your online presence, it keeps your followers engaged without overwhelming them with constant information.

  • Pictures and videos are better than articles and words. Millennials are incredibly visually oriented and will respond better to photo and graphics-enhanced posts than text alone.
  • Sharing something on Facebook is the same as telling 300 people.

Pay Attention to and Care About Your Online Reviews – Here is the truth. You can’t afford a bad review anymore. A decade ago, you could make a bad review go away but today BECAUSE OF SOCIAL MEDIA, you can’t. In fact, one bad review on one online forum can SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE because of social media.

  • Focus on excellent patient care for EVERY patient, EVERY time – whether they are Millennials or Baby Boomers or anyone else! Then you won’t have to worry about bad reviews.
  • It’s important to identify and pursue a relationship with Ambassador patients who will tell all their friends and family about YOU and your practice

Nut and Bolts for Marketing Ophthalmology to Millennials

Abbott Medical Optics, a company focused on providing a full range of advanced refractive technology and support for eyecare professionals headquartered in Illinois, conducted extensive research on what drives people to undergo, consider or forego LASIK treatment. This data helps us gain the insight we need to improve the patient journey and turn more prospects into patients.

So, they asked 1,200 U.S. patients and potential patients between the ages of 25 and 40 (mostly Millennials!) to share their thoughts. Here is what they found:

Opportunities for Growth

Of the 42 MILLION people needing vision correction

Only 5 MILLION have had LASIK


25 MILLION are considering LASIK or another vision correction procedure.

That’s a lot of room to grow!!

And these stats are why it is so important to focus on, understand and invest in this powerful group of potential lifetime patients, our MILLENNIALS.

How Does This Help You in Your Practice?

  • The Opportunity is There – We have the chance to grow the LASIK population 5 times larger than it currently is. Remember – 25 MILLION people are considering LASIK
  • Take the First Step – Make sure your websites and mobile sites are up-to-date, user-friendly and seamless to navigate.
  • Don’t Lose Sight of the BIG Picture – To successfully convert a prospect into a patient, remember all the touchpoints from earlier – a positive online presence AND incredible, five-star patient care at every turn.
  • Address the Hassles – LASIK is a great solution for patients who are frustrated with glasses and contacts. Remind prospects of freedom factor – freedom to hike, dive, jump, play, LIVE without the hindrance of poor vision and all the drops, contacts, glasses, expenses, appointments, etc.

…and Cosmetic Surgery

In recent years, Baby Boomers have been the driving force in cosmetic surgery trends and have directed most everything, from marketing strategies to the consultation and the business overall. But according to one expert, there’s a whole new generation that’s changing the face of cosmetic surgery — and they offer a lifetime of opportunity to the cosmetic practice. Millennials are becoming our largest patient base.

  • 64% of cosmetic surgeons are seeing patients under the age of 35
  • Translation: Your potential patient population has more than doubled in favor of the generation that currently spans ages 16 to 36.

How Valuable is the Millennial Patient?

Here’s a hypothetical situation, but one that can easily become a reality with a little effort on your part. Assuming you are able to secure a millennial patient in their early 20s, you will have many opportunities to serve that individual over the course of their lifetime. Then, if a patient becomes an ambassador, referring friends, family, neighbors and co-workers over a lifetime, you can multiply that number by 4.

Let’s take a look:


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