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Case Study: Small Hands Big Hearts Website Redesign Proposal and Strategy

Built Specifically for Business Growth Goals The great folks at Small Hands Big Hearts Pediatric Therapy Management, LLC Small Hands Big Hearts Pediatric Therapy (SHBH) contacted us seeking a comprehensive marketing strategy. Part of this included a new website redesign proposal and strategy. At Miller Public Relations we know an effective, practice-building website must be […]

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Competitive Focus, Part 2

This is the second half of a two-part series outlining how to gauge your competition. Missed the first part? No worries, it’s right here.  Welcome back to our series on turning your competition into mince-meat by tracking their every move and optimizing your practice’s position in the marketplace. In the previous article, we discussed why it’s […]

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Competitive Focus, Part 1

What are your competitors doing to market their practices? It’s a question that occupies the minds of our clients, a valid concern in the competitive focus and landscape of their respective practices. But keeping a pulse on your competition is only half the equation. What do you do with that information once you have it? […]

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Miller Public Relations Presents Ritz-Carlton Leadership Training Seminar

On Saturday, October 20th, more than 60 businessmen and women eagerly gathered at the Hilton in Grapevine, TX for the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Training seminar presented by Miller Public Relations. Attendees enjoyed delicious food, abundant networking opportunities and refreshing discussions led by Diana Oreck, Vice President of the Global Learning and Leadership Center at Ritz-Carlton Hotel […]

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Should You Move Your Call Center to VOIP?

A great article on the advantages and disadvantages of moving a call center over to VOIP (internet based phone service). Whichever you choose, you need to ensure your call center, whether a single individual or a large pool of people,  is rock solid in technology and with exemplary customer/patient service. Your personnel manning the phones […]

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Accuracy vs. Precision in Marketing

Precision We all know that ad campaigns have long been a hallmark of marketing. Why? Campaigns allow an aspect of product or service’s value to be amplified over and over again through ads that are slightly different but really, at their core, the same. The repetition of this message through ads that closely parallel one […]

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