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Junior Graphic Designer Needed

We are looking for a Junior Designer who’s got the chops to help us reach the next level in our development. So, you’re an up-and-coming, brilliant, top-of-your-peers graphic designer? Are you looking for a challenging, high-energy career in advertising that tests all of your skills? Looking for an employer that pays a solid salary, offers […]

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Tips and Tricks to Master the Digital Conversation: Lead Conversion Handbook

Transform more of your online leads into happy patients This resource, which will come to you in a six-part series, is designed to set you up for success when you’re following up with prospects that come into the practice as online and social media leads. As you know, these online prospects can be difficult to […]

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13 Ways to have the BEST Phone Team

Get More Out Of Your Phone Team  Ever had a bad phone experience when calling a doctor’s office? Ever get caught in a phone tree you couldn’t get out of? Yeah, me too. Remember the frustration you felt? As someone who works in the medical profession, it should be your constant goal to make sure […]

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Millennials Defined (and Why We LOVE Them Anyway)

  Oh, Millennials. Sweet millennials. Those darling cupcakes. Those fragile snowflakes…..the butt of all the good jokes. You’ve heard all the unflattering adjectives used to describe them…lazy…entitled…self-absorbed. But here at Miller Public Relations, we don’t embrace that mindset. And we coach our clients not to embrace it either. Let’s talk about why. If you do […]

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Slow Summer Solution: 8 Ways to Fill Your Waiting Room this Summer

**RINGGGGG RINGGGGGG** The final school bell for the summer has sounded. Children and teens are home, vacations have started, and the distractions have begun. You know what I’m talking about. All the summer activities, adventures and money spending that are keeping your patients (new and old) from booking appointments are underway. Don’t sit back and […]

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Get on the Bus and Ask for the Business

Editor’s Note: Before we get into the content below, a quick message about what this is. Every day, we work with clients across the country to grow their practices. This means we’re constantly researching, testing and iterating on new (and seasoned) ideas. It also means that we ask and answer many questions. This weekly newsletter […]

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