Blogs: The Workhorse of Your Content Strategy

Posted in Copywriting, Digital, Marketing, Miller Public Relations | August 19,2020

blogs and content strategy

Blogs. You’ve been told your website needs them. But does anyone even read them? And how do you even write them? What should they be about? And what about SEO? And Google rankings? And what even is a keyword?!?

If you’ve got questions about a content strategy for your business, we’ve got answers. In this five-minute video tutorial, two members of our awesome creative team here at MPR (Tammy Hinojos and Jordan Fox) share some of their best tried-and-true tips on how to make your website’s content work.

By work, we mean that the content on your website (blogs, landing pages and pillar pages) informs and educates, sure, but it also moves the user to take action. And, that same content is highly searchable, structured in a way that takes into account user experience and plays well with the big dog: Google. Tie it all up with great writing that is actually enjoyable to read, and you have the perfect formula for a winning content strategy.

It sounds like a tall order (and it is!). But a solid content marketing strategy crafted by professionals who eat, breathe and sleep content, can take your organization to new heights and bring more customers/clients/patients to your door. We’re just the experts you’re looking for. We can help!

Let’s get to it: