Blueprint for Breakthrough

Posted in Business Practices, Marketing | November 29,2021

Five Pillars for Moving the Needle in Your Marketing Efforts

We loved being the preferred marketing partner for the 2021 Small Business Expo in Dallas. We had so much fun working with this high-energy organization that puts on a one-day event designed to help you and your small business from every angle!

From speed networking and industry-specific vendors to educational workshops put on by industry experts (hey!!), this was a power-packed day designed to give small businesses plenty of inspiration, support, ideas and help. It was a blast!

If you missed it, no worries. The 2022 Small Business Expo planning is already underway, and we’ll be sure to let you know when next year’s event is on the books.

Our own Haynes Hudson, Director of Accounts, and Tammy Hinojos (that’s me!), Director of Editorial Services, served on the panel of industry experts and presented a workshop titled Blueprint for Breakthrough: Why Build It and They Will Come is Not Enough.

In it, we laid out five pillar strategies for marketing your business. The session went really well, and so many entrepreneurs and small business owners approached us afterward to chat more about ideas they have, challenges they’re facing and what are the next steps for breaking through with their business.

We got such great feedback, we decided to roll out the five pillars here over the course of the next several weeks. If you missed Pillar #1 (Be Strategic), no worries. You can read all about it here.

Next up…

Pillar #2 – Be Unique

If you want a breakthrough in your marketing efforts, you have to stand out from the crowd.

Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition

What is your Unique Selling Proposition? It’s just a fancy way of saying “What makes you different?” Or “What sets you apart from your competitors?” In a nutshell…

Why should someone choose you over your competition?

The better you can answer this question, the better your Unique Selling Proposition will be.

Great Unique Selling Propositions have a few things in common. They are specific and offer something of value. Let’s look at a few examples of good (and bad) USPs:

“We are an online billing software platform for small businesses”.

What’s awful about this? For starters, it’s boring. There’s nothing unique about it and every other online billing platform could say the exact same thing. Ho-hum.

Now, how about “Easily generate invoices in less than 10 seconds!”

What’s great about this second one? It’s specific. And it tells you exactly what this software can do for you. With a concrete, relevant example. And…it adds value. Who wouldn’t want to be able to make an invoice in 10 seconds?

What Emotional Need are You Meeting for Your Customer?

It’s easy to fall into being too practical or logical here. And miss that sometimes just solving their problem isn’t always enough for a customer. Likely all of your competitors can solve their problem, too.

How your product, or even your delivery of your product or service, makes a customer feel can, oftentimes, matter more. This is why our first pillar was BE STRATEGIC. Because zeroing in on your audience first is so important. That way, you can nail down the things that matter the most to them.

To be successful in business, you must be able to answer your customer’s biggest question:

What’s in it for me?

Craft Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a quick, well-crafted (and often memorized) speech or chunk of content designed to sell your product or service in a very short time frame. In other words, the amount of time you might have to pitch someone on your product or service when the elevator doors close and before they open again and the person gets off at their stop.

This is where you really nail down what you bring to the table for your customer. The idea is that it is so compelling that the person hearing or reading it wants to know more. And to continue the conversation. One more thing: know your pitch so well that you can give it in less than 30 seconds!

Here’s an example of an elevator pitch for one of our awesome clients Bizaillion Stone Floor Restoration:

We’re a multi-generational, family-owned business specializing in the restoration of high-end stone flooring. We return your floors to their original beauty, so you and your family can enjoy them for years to come!

If you can identify your Unique Selling Proposition, answer your customer’s big question of “What’s in it for me?” and craft a really great elevator pitch, you’ll be well on your way to discovering and fine-tuning your uniqueness in your chosen market.

Trust a Marketing Expert

At Miller Public Relations, we sincerely love working with small businesses; mainly because we are a small business ourselves! So we deeply understand the challenges and joys of building and maintaining a successful business in a pretty crowded market.

But we’ve learned some amazing strategies after being in the trenches for 27 years. They’ve worked well for us, and we use many of them to help our clients become trusted leaders in their markets, too. And we’d be honored to help you. Let’s talk.