Blueprint for Breakthrough

Posted in Business Practices, Marketing | January 4,2022

Five Pillars for Moving the Needle in Your Marketing Efforts

We enjoyed our role as the preferred marketing partner for the 2021 Small Business Expo in Dallas. It was fun working with this high-energy organization that puts on a one-day event designed to help you and your small business from every angle.

From speed networking and industry-specific vendors to educational workshops put on by industry experts, this was a power-packed day designed to give small businesses a healthy dose of inspiration, support, ideas and help.

Our own Haynes Hudson, Director of Accounts, and Tammy Hinojos, Director of Editorial Services, served on the panel of industry experts and presented a workshop titled Blueprint for Breakthrough: Why Build It and They Will Come is Not Enough.

In it, we laid out five pillar strategies for marketing your business. The session went really well, and so many entrepreneurs and small business owners approached us afterward to chat more about ideas they have, challenges they’re facing and what are the next steps for breaking through with their business.

We got such great feedback, we decided to roll out the five pillars here over the course of the next several weeks. If you missed Pillar #1 (Be Strategic), no worries. You can read all about it here. And Pillar #2 (Be Unique) here.

Next up…

Pillar #3 – Be Mindful (in crafting your marketing message)

While the first two pillars are designed to help you identify and build your message, Pillar #3 teaches us to be mindful as we move forward in crafting it.

First things first:

Who Is Your Target Audience?

How do you use what you’ve learned so far? Think about your customer profile. Do they skew a certain gender or age? Where do they live? Do they own or rent? Effective marketing works because it connects to the customer. That means they can easily relate or aspire to it.

How do you solve their problem or fulfill their needs?

Customer motivation comes from you convincing them that you can solve a problem or fulfill a need. Think back to creating your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)…this is where you bring that in to help inform your messaging.

Identify Features and Benefits

Features are inherent to your product or service. While benefits are all about your customer. In other words, benefits are why the features matter to your customer. What does your product or service do for your customer? How does it improve their life or help them in some way? Because while it’s important to know all about your features, it’s even more important to identify and lead with your benefits.

Establish Your Brand Identity

Fact: humans are visual creatures. We respond to visual stimuli and cues. Ever walk into a room with busy patterns and loud colors? It’s hard to relax, isn’t it? Is it a coincidence that spas don’t decorate their rooms that way? Nope.

Your brand identity will express your brand’s personality and core values through the words and visual imagery used to communicate with your audience. Things to consider:

  1. Color palette. Bold and powerful or reassuring and calming? Color choice matters!
  2. Font. Feminine and rounded or clean and simple? Font choice matters!
  3. Voice. Casual and witty or formal and serious? Voice matters!

If you need help making sure you hit the target with your brand identity, you’re not alone! Even national brands seek help in this area. It’s just that important.

Trust a Marketing Expert

At Miller Public Relations, we sincerely love working with small businesses; mainly because we are a small business ourselves! So we deeply understand the challenges and joys of building and maintaining a successful business in a pretty crowded market.

But we’ve learned some amazing strategies after being in the trenches for 27 years. They’ve worked well for us, and we use many of them to help our clients become trusted leaders in their markets, too. And we’d be honored to help you. Let’s talk.