Blueprint for Breakthrough

Posted in Marketing | April 4,2022

Blueprint for Breakthrough

Five Pillars for Moving the Needle in Your Marketing Efforts

In case you haven’t heard, we were chosen as the preferred marketing agency for the Small Business Expo in Dallas back in November. We had so much fun working with this high-energy organization that puts on a one-day event designed to help you and your small business from every angle!

This was a day designed to give small businesses plenty of inspiration, support, ideas and help. It was a fun time!

Our own Haynes Hudson, Director of Accounts, and Tammy Hinojos, Director of Editorial Services, served on the panel of industry experts and presented a workshop titled Blueprint for Breakthrough: Why Build It and They Will Come is Not Enough.

In it, they laid out five pillar strategies for marketing your business. We have been through four pillars and now we have finally made it to number five. It has been so fun to write these in hopes it helps someone reading. Now, let’s get to it!

If you missed the last four pillars, don’t worry! You can find them here: Pillar one, Pillar two, Pillar three and Pillar four.

Last up….Pillar #5!

Pillar #5- Be Nice (make it easy, reduce friction)

Which is easier: pushing a square block or a round ball? Most likely you said the ball because it rolls. If your customer is having to push hard and jump through hoops to get to you, ultimately, you will lose that customer. So, how do you keep a customer?

Your website can be your #1 asset. In today’s day and age, it is a must to have an online presence. If your website homepage is filled with unnecessary clunky words and photos, a person looking at it is likely going to leave your website quickly. Instead, make your website clean and easy to navigate.

More is usually better. No, we don’t mean more fonts, more words and more exclamation points. We mean more useful information, more relevant choices, more ways to get in touch with you and more easy ways to pay.

Company culture! Your online experience won’t save you. Your website presence won’t matter if the in-person experience doesn’t deliver the same level of WOW. Something we like to say at MPR when we onboard a new client is that before we ever spend one dollar in external marketing efforts, we need to look at your company culture. Get to know your team. Your processes. And make sure everything internally is healthy and working well.

Why? Because what we say about you on the outside (marketing) must be true on the inside.

Take care of the customer and they’ll take care of you. Delight them. We have a client in Southwest Florida. They know their patients and the reason for their visit before they walk in. They offer them water and if they wait more than 15 minutes, a staff member will approach them and apologize for the wait and keep them updated on their appointment.

In thinking about ways to be NICE, the goal at the end of the day is this: to create generational customers (that means someone who will come back to you again and again over the course of many years) and who will refer their friends, family and co-workers. 

If you can do that, your business will grow.

Trust a Marketing Expert

At Miller Public Relations, we sincerely love working with small businesses; mainly because we are a small business ourselves! So we deeply understand the challenges and joys of building and maintaining a successful business in a pretty crowded market.

But we’ve learned some amazing strategies after being in the trenches for 27 years. They’ve worked well for us, and we use many of them to help our clients become trusted leaders in their markets, too. And we’d be honored to help you. Let’s talk.