Calculating Organic Social ROI

Posted in Marketing, Social Media | July 16,2020

calculating social roi

I know what you’re thinking! Why calculate ROI for organic social media posts? Is this truly an investment? The answer is yes, and an important one at that! Okay, so first things first, in the social media space, we count wins differently. This isn’t a cost per actual purchase or booking conversion, it’s how many hours did I spend making content that my online audience is interested in? And how many people followed me because of that post? This matters because the audience that follows you is the audience whose eyes you no longer have to pay for!

Consider some key things you do almost daily while you’re off the clock:

  • Scroll through social media, see an Instagram advertisement you like and click the page to see if you’re interested in the rest of their content.
  • Hear about a company or brand and head over to their social media accounts to see what they’re all about.
  • Look through your friends’ social media posts to see what they’re sharing and which brands they’re currently loving.

Even if your social engagement looks a bit different than what’s mentioned above, and even if you think you participate less in the online social scene than others, it definitely still happens. In fact, despite social media cleanses and calls for less screen time, for most consumers, this is their day-to-day routine.

A Pew Research study released in 2019 says that 73 percent of adults are on Youtube, 69 percent are on Facebook and 37 percent are on Instagram. What’s more, the same research says that 83 percent of YouTube users, 74 percent of Facebook users and 42 percent of Instagram users have an income of $75,000+. That means these internet spaces are where the eyes and the money are!

While organic social may not necessarily be an advertising investment you’ll spend a hefty budget on, you should definitely be investing time and resources into this outlet. As an agency, we’re happy to take over your organic social presence by providing you with consistent and beautifully branded content, but have you considered how important it is to also have in-house content to share with your following in addition to your beautiful new master-planned feed?

An excellent case study in who is doing this best would be New York City-based, Bon Appetit, a brand that has a specific brand identity and feel but uses other social channels and mediums to introduce you to its company culture and employees.

Some of the things we do right here at Miller Public Relations include making a special birthday post for each of our team members’ birthdays, having Spotify playlists for each of our team members and we’re even launching desk tours! These are things that may not seem important in your day-to-day or strategy at first glance, but really add to the character and perceived trustworthiness of your company online.

While there are benefits to a solid Facebook ad campaign (and we can certainly help you out here as well) an organic audience that trusts your brand will always pack more of a punch online.

Okay, so now you know why your online presence is important, but you aren’t sure where to start. You are NOT alone and that’s where we come in! At Miller Public Relations, yes, we can create a beautiful social media presence for your company that will nurture your online community.

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