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The Key to Happy Customers?

Take Good Care of the Team that Serves Them You’ve probably heard this or something similar before; “Take care of your people and your people will take care of your customers.” There’s a reason you’ve heard it before. It’s TRUE! But…just because something is true doesn’t mean it’s easy. Whether you’re a surgeon, a practice […]

YES! We Can Help You with Best Practices

By Cyndi Miller, CEO of Miller Public Relations One of the first thoughts I had about writing this blog about best practices was we can help you create and preserve a culture of compassion in your practice. With that, “Everything is practice,” said Pele, the Brazilian soccer god and now retired humanitarian. As part of […]

Just How Valuable is Your Patient?

Here’s a hypothetical situation, but one that can easily become a reality with a little effort on your part. Assuming you are able to secure a millennial patient in their early 20s, you will have many opportunities to serve that individual over the course of their lifetime. Then, if a patient becomes an ambassador, referring […]

Conversion Killers to Avoid

Before you get started with all these conversion tools we’ve shared in this series, we wanted to share with you a few of the most common mistakes that practices make when reaching out to their online leads. We’ve alluded to most of these elsewhere in this series, but it’s worth devoting a section to these […]

Your Front Office: Asset or Liability?

Sign in and have a seat. We’ll call you when we’re ready for you (delivered with no eye contact). Who doesn’t relate to this scenario? It nearly universally describes the initial greeting at most doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices and really any other service industry. And what about the initial call? It’s likely an automated greeting […]

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

Cultivating a Culture of Hospitality in Today’s Business Model What can medical practices learn from the best hotels, spas and restaurants? A lot! Doctors have many years of training and often decades of experience in their chosen specialty. They treat diseases, restore health and most importantly save lives. It is noble and challenging work. While […]

PHONE – A Fresh Take on an Old Classic

Ah, the phone. The original communication tool that has helped your practice make millions of dollars over the last couple of decades. You know if you can engage someone on the phone, your chances of booking the consultation skyrocket. (As long as your phone team is worth its salt) Not only is the phone effective, […]

Tips and Tricks to Master the Digital Conversation: Lead Conversion Handbook

Transform more of your online leads into happy patients This resource, which will come to you in a six-part series, is designed to set you up for success when you’re following up with prospects that come into the practice as online and social media leads. As you know, these online prospects can be difficult to […]

13 Ways to have the BEST Phone Team

By Cyndi Miller, CEO of Miller Public Relations Ever had a bad phone experience when calling a doctor’s office? Ever get caught in a phone tree you couldn’t get out of? Yeah, me too. Remember the frustration you felt? As someone who works in the medical profession, it should be your constant goal to make […]

The Seven ‘Be’s of Building Relationships with Millennials

Millennials now make up the largest portion of the workforce in America, steadily taking over the retiring Baby Boomers. Their enormous buying power cannot be ignored. Here are seven things to keep in mind when marketing to millennials: Be Real.The prerequisite for building any relationship is trust. So, be yourself. You should aim to improve […]