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Strategies for Retaining Patients in 2021

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Dance with the one that brought you”. In a nutshell, it means the person you are currently with is the person you should pay the most attention to. Translate that axiom to a business model, and it presents the perfect way to demonstrate the topic of this month’s blog: The […]

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Piecemeal Your Marketing

Your Business Needs a Comprehensive, Full-Service Marketing Agency Whether you’re a new business owner or you’ve been building your organization for some time, if growth is the goal, you need to think about how your marketing needs are or will be handled. And truthfully, it can be a complex and often confusing decision. Especially when […]

Patient Experience Goes Digital (and it’s here to stay)

Some things have changed forever. 2020 accelerated the adoption of digital tools in the healthcare arena, permanently altering the way patients access care and information. Accenture recently surveyed 2,700 patients all around the world and found that 60% say they want the choice to continue meeting with their healthcare providers and managing their conditions using […]

The Importance of Patient Follow-Up

A few years ago, my son’s pediatrician retired, and I took him to see a new one for the routine physical he needed to play football at school. After this appointment, the new doctor personally made a follow-up phone call to see if everything met our expectations in the first visit. What?! I mean, my […]

Building Relationships with Millennials Key to Building Your Brand

According to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, more than one in three American labor force participants (35%) are millennials, making them the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. They passed the Gen-Xers in 2017 and continue to make strides. Their enormous buying power cannot be ignored. Your marketing messages […]

Things 2020 Taught Us: Replace Bottom Line Thinking with Something Better

If your business is like so many others, then 2020 probably took a toll on your bottom line. The quarantine, the shutdowns, the skittish market, the restrictions, the uncertainty. For many business and medical practices across the nation, 2020 was a year for the books. The kind of book you never want to see or […]

Hello, 2021! We’re so happy you’re here

A Word About Marketing in a Pandemic World Happy New Year! As we step into 2021, you, like many of us, may be feeling a few different emotions. Relief? Gratitude? Exhaustion? Expectation? Maybe even some cautious optimism? Yep. We’re feeling all the feels, too. After the year we all just endured, few of us would […]

Quizzes as a Lead Generation Tool

Do Quizzes Work? You know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably even taken a few yourself. What’s your ideal work environment? What kind of fighter are you? Are you ready to buy your first home? Who’s your ideal soulmate? (find out in less than one minute!) But here’s the truth: quizzes are one of the […]

When to Write & When to Design

Design or content? Content or design? Clearly, both are marketing cornerstones in building trust and growing an audience. Content marketing is a buzzword, for sure, and no one is arguing its importance in today’s best marketing strategies. But content marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It lives inside a framework of design and technology. Without […]

Net Promoter Score: A Better Way to Connect with Customers & Drive Action

Why Do You Need a Net Promoter Score? Just because we’re in the digital age does not mean we’re done with word of mouth. In fact, with review platforms, social media and the comment sections of blogs speak more loudly than ever. The good news is there is a way to keep your finger on […]