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Mobile-First is Making Big Waves in Growing Businesses

Yes! Mobile-First Are you reading this blog on a mobile device? Chances are yes, but let’s explore the role of mobile phones and their evolution as more consumers increasingly rely on this handy device to connect, answer questions, find destinations and navigate the world around them. Major shifts from desktop to mobile devices are taking […]

Conversion Killers to Avoid

Before you get started with all these conversion tools we’ve shared in this series, we wanted to share with you a few of the most common mistakes that practices make when reaching out to their online leads. We’ve alluded to most of these elsewhere in this series, but it’s worth devoting a section to these […]

Facebook Messenger – The Next Big Thing

OK, now that we’ve covered some text message standard practices, let’s move on to Facebook Messenger guidelines. Facebook Messenger is quickly growing as a messaging format for the almost 2 billion Facebook users around the world. Facebook has put many resources behind its development, and they continue to add new features in an effort to make […]

Reputation Management

By Doug Miller, Miller Public Relations A 2016 survey of 4000 patients found that 84% of respondents used online reviews to evaluate doctors – double the figure from a similar survey in 2014 – and that nearly half would even go out-of-network to select a physician with better reviews than a similarly qualified in-network doctor. […]

Content Marketing – The Method to the Madness

There is a large misconception floating around that asserts content marketing is nothing more than what you put on your organization’s blog. Not true! Yes, blogging is an integral component of content marketing for your practice or business, but it is only a part of the larger picture.   Content marketing has a place in […]

Text Messages – Everyone’s Favorite

OK, now that we’ve covered some email rules, let’s move on into text messages. Something like 95% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes. How awesome is that? And for most of us, we would rather text than talk on the phone anyway. This makes text messaging a great tool in your […]

EMAIL – A 7-Part “Write Winning Emails” Formula

OK, now that we’ve covered some phone rules, let’s move on to email. Email is a highly underrated communication tool. Studies show that email marketing – when done right – can yield $40+ for every $1 invested. The big caveat there is the whole “Doing it right” part. Because most practices blast out a spammy […]

PHONE – A Fresh Take on an Old Classic

Ah, the phone. The original communication tool that has helped your practice make millions of dollars over the last couple of decades. You know if you can engage someone on the phone, your chances of booking the consultation skyrocket. (As long as your phone team is worth its salt) Not only is the phone effective, […]

Tips and Tricks to Master the Digital Conversation: Lead Conversion Handbook

Transform more of your online leads into happy patients This resource, which will come to you in a six-part series, is designed to set you up for success when you’re following up with prospects that come into the practice as online and social media leads. As you know, these online prospects can be difficult to […]

Three Best Ways to Reach Millennials Using Marketing

Millennials were the first to grow up with technology at their fingertips. They are used to constant connection and most millennials will be connected to multiple devices at the same time. Brands must maintain constant communication with millennials. They need to be able to provide support whenever millennials want it. The 9-5 lifestyle is a […]