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Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Piecemeal Your Marketing

Your Business Needs a Comprehensive, Full-Service Marketing Agency Whether you’re a new business owner or you’ve been building your organization for some time, if growth is the goal, you need to think about how your marketing needs are or will be handled. And truthfully, it can be a complex and often confusing decision. Especially when […]

MPR Named Top Advertising and Marketing Agency by Digital.com

Exciting news! No, the daytime high temp isn’t going to drop below the 90s in the coming week. Not that exciting, Texas. But, still pretty exciting! Miller Public Relations was named a Best Marketing and Advertising Agency in Fort Worth for 2021! Digital.com evaluated 41 advertising and marketing agencies in Fort Worth-based on ten different […]

Patient Experience Goes Digital (and it’s here to stay)

Some things have changed forever. 2020 accelerated the adoption of digital tools in the healthcare arena, permanently altering the way patients access care and information. Accenture recently surveyed 2,700 patients all around the world and found that 60% say they want the choice to continue meeting with their healthcare providers and managing their conditions using […]

How One Brand Has Flipped the Industry on its Head

Why They’ve Been So Successful and What We Can All Learn From Them If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth or Houston areas and you haven’t seen or heard of sexy teeth, you’re just not paying attention. A Texas dental group has single-handedly repositioned a mundane, routine service (one that many people dread!) and made […]

How to Master Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing

Brand Your Differentiator Many physicians don’t think that their “product” is something that can/should be marketed directly to the consumer. In most cases, that’s simply not true. In fact, for many specialties, direct-to-consumer marketing presents a great opportunity to grow your practice in a very strategic way. Here’s why. Consumers (i.e., your future patients) are […]

Someone Has to be the Mature One: Meet Geoff

Geoff Hays is the media buyer extraordinaire at Miller Public Relations. He’s been in this role since 2018, but a fun fact about Geoff is that he’s worked at Miller Public Relations (on and off, full-time, part-time and freelance) for about 20 years. Now, that’s some tenure! Geoff brings maturity, wisdom and experience to the […]

The Anatomy of a Great Campaign

Every now and then, you knock one out of the park. Whether it’s an idea, a conversation, a meal prepared or even a deliverable at work, there’s not much sweeter than the moment it all comes together and just works. At Miller Public Relations, we sincerely want every project we work on to be a […]

Can Influencer Marketing Sell Services?

A Spotlight on Successful Influencer Campaigns Without a Physical Product You’ve seen them. Instagram videos of A-list actors peddling everything from shampoo and workout wear to collagen for your coffee. Maybe you’ve even bought said shampoo, yoga pants or collagen. At the very least, you’ve seen and remember the campaigns, right? Why? Because they work. […]

The Importance of Patient Follow-Up

A few years ago, my son’s pediatrician retired, and I took him to see a new one for the routine physical he needed to play football at school. After this appointment, the new doctor personally made a follow-up phone call to see if everything met our expectations in the first visit. What?! I mean, my […]

Miller Public Relations Named Top Agency in Fort Worth by Expertise.com

We’ve got something exciting to share. Expertise.com recently scored 118 marketing agencies in Fort Worth, and Miller Public Relations was named in the top 20! Agencies were scored on more than 25 variables across five key categories, and Expertise.com analyzed the results to curate a hand-picked list of the best. The selection criteria included: Availability. […]