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Is Radio Still a Good Idea for Marketing?

I am often asked if radio is still a good buy in an advertising budget. While every situation is unique, the general answer is YES! Streaming audio services have been gaining subscribers in large numbers over the past few years and should be part of the conversation for a well-rounded marketing approach, but it has […]

The Queen of Yes, We Can!

Meet our Founder and CEO, Cyndi Miller By Tammy Hinojos, Director of Editorial Services What do you get when you combine an unrelenting passion for service, an unmatched drive to succeed and a wicked sense of humor? You get Cyndi Miller, founder and CEO of Miller Public Relations. She’s a little hard to pin down […]

When to Write & When to Design

Design or content? Content or design? Clearly, both are marketing cornerstones in building trust and growing an audience. Content marketing is a buzzword, for sure, and no one is arguing its importance in today’s best marketing strategies. But content marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It lives inside a framework of design and technology. Without […]

Net Promoter Score: A Better Way to Connect with Customers & Drive Action

Why Do You Need a Net Promoter Score? Just because we’re in the digital age does not mean we’re done with word of mouth. In fact, with review platforms, social media and the comment sections of blogs speak more loudly than ever. The good news is there is a way to keep your finger on […]

Blogs: The Workhorse of Your Content Strategy

Blogs. You’ve been told your website needs them. But does anyone even read them? And how do you even write them? What should they be about? And what about SEO? And Google rankings? And what even is a keyword?!? If you’ve got questions about a content strategy for your business, we’ve got answers. In this […]

Telephone Skills Still Matter

These days, there are countless ways to connect with customers. Texts, emails, virtual consults, to name a few. But in most cases, the phone is still the preferred way businesses communicate with customers and potential customers. Even if you partner with a call center to help answer and make calls, you still need to make […]

Calculating Organic Social ROI

I know what you’re thinking! Why calculate ROI for organic social media posts? Is this truly an investment? The answer is yes, and an important one at that! Okay, so first things first, in the social media space, we count wins differently. This isn’t a cost per actual purchase or booking conversion, it’s how many […]

Importance of Teamwork in Times of Working Remotely

In a successful business, teamwork is the cornerstone of a thriving workplace. We all know that in order for your business to thrive, each team member has to not only excel in their own role but also be able to come together with other team members to master an efficient workflow! But what happens to […]

3 Things That Can Kill a Campaign

By Amanda Polk As a professional marketer, I like to build new client relationships on a foundation of proper expectations. No glitz, glamour or empty promises here! Marketing works. Of course it does! But you have to be artful in your implementation. Executing a solid strategy goes way beyond the creative (even if it’s straight […]

Re-Engagement Strategies—Beyond the Shutdown

How was your pandemic spring? Yeah, ours, too. But as they say about lemons, we’ve been mixing up some great lemonade over here—brainstorming ideas, talking to clients, researching trends, tweaking our own messaging and then helping our clients use this downtime to tweak theirs. To help continue the conversation about the best ways to emerge […]