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What do medical practices really want in a marketing agency?

When trying to find the right marketing or advertising agency to partner with, it’s helpful to determine what it is you actually want out of the relationship. Creative campaigns? A killer website? Expertise in media buying? Insider knowledge into the best ways to reach more potential patients? Effective content across many platforms? Sure, all of […]

Telephone Skills Still Matter

These days, there are countless ways to connect with customers. Texts, emails, virtual consults, to name a few. But in most cases, the phone is still the preferred way businesses communicate with customers and potential customers. Even if you partner with a call center to help answer and make calls, you still need to make […]

Transform Your LipiFlow Treatment into a “LipiSpa” with 3 Simple Changes!

The LipiFlow Treatment is literally a ‘massage’ of the eyelids to release lipids from the blocked Meibomian glands that cause Evaporative dry eye. Why not make this simple in-office ‘massage’ procedure more spa-like with a few simple additions to the treatment process? Here are 3 easy ways you can create a more welcoming and comfortable […]

The Lead Buckets: Nurturing Your Leads Toward The Sale

Chances are, you are dropping leads. Valuable marketed to leads. Potential revenue generating leads. Leads that need to be converted into clients, customers or patients. Lead loss happens all the time in nearly every business. What is Happening At Miller Public Relations, we have been about marketing and public relations long enough to see the […]

It’s All About the Headline? 10 Perspectives

Many marketers have noted, “It’s all about the headline.” Copywriters spent valuable time developing catchy headlines and editors have been known to hurriedly throw out a piece, simply because they couldn’t get past the headline. And with this in mind, we noticed something interesting today. One of Miller Public Relations’ valued clients is the USMD […]

Will Walmart Be Your Doctor?

Walmart has recently shared its intent to step into primary medical care , joining CVS and others in an emerging trend of retail based medical clinics. In a document seeking partnering doctors, the Arkansas based retail giant’s stated goal is to “dramatically…lower the cost of healthcare…by becoming the largest provider of primary healthcare services in the […]

Medical & Scientific Animations: 5 steps to bring your technologies and procedures to life

Many of us have seen the amazing results 3D animations can bring to medical technologies and procedures. These carefully-crafted and engaging digital stories can instantly communicate the benefits and advantages of a specific procedure.  While real-life surgical videos have their strengths, the advantages in digital animations comes in their ability to simplify and clarify potentially […]

Who Really Wins with Negative Advertising?

In the last 15 years, LASIK Surgery has become the number one elective surgical procedure in the world. That’s not surprising given its consistent, predictable and proven outcomes, the increasingly affordability and patients’ appreciation for the life-changing, image-enhancing difference it makes. As the CEO of one of the nation’s most successful advertising agencies specializing in […]