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Blogs: The Workhorse of Your Content Strategy

Blogs. You’ve been told your website needs them. But does anyone even read them? And how do you even write them? What should they be about? And what about SEO? And Google rankings? And what even is a keyword?!? If you’ve got questions about a content strategy for your business, we’ve got answers. In this […]

Meet our Director of Accounts Services

An Endless Supply of Dad Jokes By Tammy Hinojos, Director of Editorial Services Try having a bad day when Haynes is around. I dare you. I know I’ll win that challenge because it’s actually not possible. Haynes Hudson is our eternally optimistic, always positive, easy-going and super hilarious Director of Accounts Services. One of my […]

Meet our Vice President Amanda Polk

Lead with the Heart By Tammy Hinojos, Director of Editorial Services If you’ve met MPR’s Vice President, Amanda Polk, you already know what a fierce advocate she is on behalf of the clients we serve. And on behalf of the people in her life, both professionally and personally. You know she’s strategic and creative, a […]

Attitude is Everything

5 Ways Your Attitude Can Make or Break You in Business (and in Life!) By Cyndi Miller It has been said that the factor that will determine your success and forge your future—more than anything else— is your attitude. Did you get that? Not your intellect. Not your good fortune or careful planning. Not your […]

Meet our Accounts Assistant

Every Office Needs a Ray of Sunshine! By Tammy Hinojos, Director of Editorial Services Spring 2020 surely wasn’t what any of us expected, but no one can argue that at least the weather has been beautiful! Here at MPR, the forecast looks great, and our newest team member Jordan Austin really brings the sunshine. I […]

What Should We Do Now? When Should We Start?

These are the two most common questions I’m getting from clients now that economies and businesses are starting to re-open. So what is the answer? Full transparency here – I’m not sure! I don’t think anyone is. That’s the nature of an unprecedented event, right? But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use our knowledge and […]

Marketing in the days of COVID-19

Be Community-Minded and Stay Relevant During Trying Times Businesses of every size and from every industry, everywhere, are grappling with a new reality. At best, they are struggling to figure out how to engage with customers and prospects in the wake of a world health pandemic. At worst, they are trying to keep things afloat […]


No doubt, we are living in challenging days. With great sincerity, we do not wish to add to any fear or hysteria by pushing out even more communication surrounding the implications of the public health pandemic caused by COVID-19 that is unfolding before our eyes on a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute basis. We reach out only […]

Meet our Digital Creative Specialist

Every Team Needs a Chocolate Milk Expert, Right? By Tammy Hinojos, Director of Editorial Services We’re growing. We have new brains. We’re offering more services. Things are poppin’ here at MPR and we’re so excited to introduce a few new team members. I recently sat down with the adorable, the witty, the fun and fabulous […]

Same Expertise; New Look

Check out our new homepage! Guess what? We have a new homepage and we’re kind of proud of it. If you’ve worked in or around marketing for longer than a minute, you know the importance of staying industry-current. Current with design trends, content strategies, technology…it’s all-important! But here’s a small confession. At MPR, we stay […]