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Can Influencer Marketing Sell Services?

A Spotlight on Successful Influencer Campaigns Without a Physical Product You’ve seen them. Instagram videos of A-list actors peddling everything from shampoo and workout wear to collagen for your coffee. Maybe you’ve even bought said shampoo, yoga pants or collagen. At the very least, you’ve seen and remember the campaigns, right? Why? Because they work. […]

Calculating Organic Social ROI

I know what you’re thinking! Why calculate ROI for organic social media posts? Is this truly an investment? The answer is yes, and an important one at that! Okay, so first things first, in the social media space, we count wins differently. This isn’t a cost per actual purchase or booking conversion, it’s how many […]

Minds of Miller: Influencer Marketing Gone Wrong (and How to Get it Right)

By: Haynes Hudson Ever hear “any publicity is good publicity”? Well, we’ll save that argument for another time. Truth is, in this new world of social media and paid influencers, garnering any and all attention for your brand doesn’t always end with the win you think it will. By now, you’ve probably at least heard […]

YES! Blogging is Good for Business

By Cyndi Miller, CEO of Miller Public Relations Want to greatly improve your return on investment (ROI) through content marketing? Content-rich pages are very important pieces of “real estate” on your website. Speaking of real estate, the key strategy in purchasing prime property is location, location, location. Within a website, in addition to having necessary […]

Facebook Messenger – The Next Big Thing

By Cyndi Miller, Miller Public Relations, CEO OK, now that we’ve covered some text message standard practices, let’s move on to Facebook Messenger guidelines. Facebook Messenger is quickly growing as a messaging format for almost 2 billion Facebook users around the world. Facebook has put many resources behind its development, and they continue to add new […]

Content Marketing – The Method to the Madness

There is a large misconception floating around that asserts content marketing is nothing more than what you put on your organization’s blog. Not true! Yes, blogging is an integral component of content marketing for your practice or business, but it is only a part of the larger picture.   Content marketing has a place in […]

Tips and Tricks to Master the Digital Conversation: Lead Conversion Handbook

Transform more of your online leads into happy patients This resource, which will come to you in a six-part series, is designed to set you up for success when you’re following up with prospects that come into the practice as online and social media leads. As you know, these online prospects can be difficult to […]

Three Best Ways to Reach Millennials Using Marketing

    Millennials were the first to grow up with technology at their fingertips. They are used to constant connection and most millennials will be connected to multiple devices at the same time. Brands must maintain constant communication with millennials. They need to be able to provide support whenever millennials want it. The 9-5 lifestyle […]

Millennials Defined (and Why We LOVE Them Anyway)

  Oh, Millennials. Sweet millennials. Those darling cupcakes. Those fragile snowflakes…..the butt of all the good jokes. You’ve heard all the unflattering adjectives used to describe them…lazy…entitled…self-absorbed. But here at Miller Public Relations, we don’t embrace that mindset. And we coach our clients not to embrace it either. Let’s talk about why. If you do […]

Yes, Tweets and Selfies Can Boost Your Revenue

The genie is out of the bottle. The world is changing—fueled by an endless stream of tweets and selfies. Today, social media’s emerging power players are Twitter and Instagram. Every day their influence seems to grow exponentially, especially when it comes to marketing. If your practice is still on the sidelines, you are missing valuable […]