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Your Front Office: Asset or Liability?

Sign in and have a seat. We’ll call you when we’re ready for you (delivered with no eye contact). Who doesn’t relate to this scenario? It nearly universally describes the initial greeting at most doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices and really any other service industry. And what about the initial call? It’s likely an automated greeting […]

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

Cultivating a Culture of Hospitality in Today’s Business Model What can medical practices learn from the best hotels, spas and restaurants? A lot! Doctors have many years of training and often decades of experience in their chosen specialty. They treat diseases, restore health and most importantly save lives. It is noble and challenging work. While […]

How to Avoid Invisible Patients: What To Do When You Are Behind Schedule

How to avoid invisible patients NOTE: If you run a business and not a medical practice, this blog post is 100% applicable to you as well. Just replace the word “patient” with “customer”… Like any courteous patient, you arrive for your 11:00 a.m. appointment 15 minutes in advance and take a seat next to a […]

MPR Welcomes Christina Hohman to the Team

Miller Public Relations is pleased to announce its most recent addition, Social Media Specialist and Account Executive, Christina Hohman. Christina joins MPR from Charleston, SC, where she graduated with her Master’s of Art in Communication from the College of Charleston. Before relocating to Charleston, Christina attended Marshall University in Huntington, WV, and obtained a double […]

MPR Welcomes Ryan Kissinger

Miller Public Relations welcomes Canadian Ryan Kissinger aboard. Ryan serves alongside Michelle Davis, as our medical illustrator and 3-D animator. Originally hailing from the North Shore Mountains on the outskirts of Vancouver, he moved to Texas sight unseen. Ryan started his undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia thinking about 3-D animation but also […]

Getting to Know Your MPR Staff: Michelle Davis

Michelle Davis is a Miller Public Relations medical illustrator and animator. As well as being a consummate professional, Michelle is also generally considered a frontrunner for the Nicest MPR Staff Member crown. I recently sat down with her to gain insight into a few of her favorite things. Hometown: Plymouth, MN Best thing about where […]

MPR Welcomes Jordan Fowler to the Team

Miller Public Relations gladly welcomes Jordan Fowler to the Team. Jordan is serving as Senior Account Manager with MPR. He holds a B.A in Humanities and Geopolitics from Stephen F. Austin State University and Master’s of Divinity from Southwestern Seminary. After realizing that his childhood dream of being an Olympic bobsled crew member was never […]