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SMS Marketing in the Healthcare Space: Yes!

For any type of business, whether retail or service or even a medical practice, it’s important, if you’ve invested in marketing, that your marketing efforts are working, right? At Miller Public Relations, we’d like to propose that, if you’re not already, you take a serious look at using a simple tool that has some great […]

Quizzes as a Lead Generation Tool

Do Quizzes Work? You know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably even taken a few yourself. What’s your ideal work environment? What kind of fighter are you? Are you ready to buy your first home? Who’s your ideal soulmate? (find out in less than one minute!) But here’s the truth: quizzes are one of the […]

Conversion Killers to Avoid

By Cyndi Miller, Miller Public Relations, CEO Before you get started with all these conversion tools we’ve shared in this series, we wanted to share with you a few of the most common mistakes that practices make when reaching out to their online leads. We’ve alluded to most of these elsewhere in this series, but […]

PHONE – A Fresh Take on an Old Classic

Ah, the phone. The original communication tool that has helped your practice make millions of dollars over the last couple of decades. You know if you can engage someone on the phone, your chances of booking the consultation skyrocket – as long as your phone team is worth its salt. Not only is the phone […]

Tips and Tricks to Master the Digital Conversation: Lead Conversion Handbook

Transform more of your online leads into happy patients This resource, which will come to you in a six-part series, is designed to set you up for success when you’re following up with prospects that come into the practice as online and social media leads. As you know, these online prospects can be difficult to […]

13 Ways to have the BEST Phone Team

Get More Out Of Your Phone Team  Ever had a bad phone experience when calling a doctor’s office? Ever get caught in a phone tree you couldn’t get out of? Yeah, me too. Remember the frustration you felt? As someone who works in the medical profession, it should be your constant goal to make sure […]

MPR Actionables – How To Track Your Leads, Save Your Dollars!

Ah, the good old days. There was one newspaper, three TV stations and a handful of radio stations. That was it. *Sigh* I bet lead tracking was easy back then. “Where did you hear about us?” “I saw your ad in the weekly newspaper.” Easy as that. That’s how I knew the newspaper ad was working half […]