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Hello, 2021! We’re so happy you’re here

A Word About Marketing in a Pandemic World Happy New Year! As we step into 2021, you, like many of us, may be feeling a few different emotions. Relief? Gratitude? Exhaustion? Expectation? Maybe even some cautious optimism? Yep. We’re feeling all the feels, too. After the year we all just endured, few of us would […]

Finish Strong

It’s the Miller Public Relations Way 2020 was hard, y’all. It was weird. And challenging. And a host of other kooky things. But here we are, on the eve of 2021, and you know what? If you’re reading this, you made it. We may all be a little weary and worn, but we made it. […]

Getting the Most Out of Conference Calls in the COVID Season

Even though much of America is quarantining at home because of COVID-19, many of us are still working. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve been using tools like Zoom, Skype and Facetime to collaborate with your team and/or your clients during your work-from-home season. Here’s a recent screenshot of some of our team members […]

Big Brands Doing it Right (And Why Not to Go Dark During Hard Times)

During these times of incredible uncertainty, businesses everywhere are staring into the face of hard decisions. Cutbacks. Layoffs. Closures. And it seems like the projected timeline for when “things will get back to normal” keeps getting pushed out and pushed out again. Many of our clients (many of whom are surgeons for elective procedures) are […]