Client Complaint – Website Woes from Big Box Website Providers

Posted in Branding, Digital, Web Design | August 12,2013

I’d like to share with you a common frustration I’m hearing more and more from new clients.

To set the scene: recently we’ve been in the launch phase with 2 practices.

As part of our launch process, we review our clients’ websites to make sure all the pieces are in place to convert visitors into patients. Anything missing? We add it.

At least, we try to.

Both of these clients had websites designed by what we call ‘big box’ website providers, large companies that stamp out medical websites at an assembly line rate. They build their sites out of templates, and they code them using a “proprietary system” that they purport to make website maintenance easier, faster and more affordable.

Here’s The Problem:

When you trust your web design to someone’s proprietary platform, you’re limiting the future growth and development of your website. As you probably know, your website is ever-changing. Bring on a new physician, open a new location, launch a new procedure platform – all of these things require website updates.

But how easy, affordable and timely are those updates to accomplish?

Here are a few real-life horror stories of websites held hostage, direct from the mouths of our clients: “You want to change a picture on your website? That will be $500.” (Nevermind that the picture is ready to go, and it would take a normal web designer half an hour to change the photo (at a market rate of $150/hr, this would be a $75 charge). No, it’s $500 because that’s the rate they charge to chage a photo, and since your website is built on THEIR system, you don’t have a say.)

“Sorry if you want more than 15 pages on your website. The package you purchased only provides for 15 pages. If you need more, you’ll be charged PER PAGE.” (Nevermind that your content is ready to input and it would take a designer a mere 2 hours to set up five page templates. You’re paying per page!!!!)

“Your website content will be the same as 35 other websites.” (Nevermind that Google will PENALIZE your site for having duplicate content that’s already shown on other websites.)

“You need an update to your website home page to let patients know you are closed today due to the weather causing a power outage? Please fill out an online request ticket, and your change will be completed within 24 hours.”

“You want to add new contact forms/landing pages/slideshows/videos/lead generation funnels to your website? You can’t do that with our system.” To reiterate – “You can’t do what you want to do on your website because we built it that way.” Asinine.

You should be able to change your website whenever you want for whatever reason you want.

Am I wrong on this? Tell me if I am.

How We Solve this Problem

To make sure we’re all on the same page: Miller Public Relations DOES build custom medical marketing websites for our clients. We have for years. There’s a misconception that because “Public Relations” is in our name, we don’t do online marketing? Nothing could be further from the truth. (Just check out our services)

Here’s how we do it:

First of all, we don’t use a proprietary content management system. In fact, we think just the opposite – your website should be built with the most options and the greatest opportunity to bring new patients through your doors.

That’s why as of 2012, we develop all of our websites on the WordPress platform.

You’ve probably heard of WordPress. It’s one of the most popular web platforms in the world.

WordPress allows us to bring a TON of value to our clients and keep it as affordable as possible.

The design is completely customizable – You won’t have the same site as your competitor down the street.

You can add your own content – With the WordPress platform, you can add or change your own copy, blog posts and even pictures.

There are thousands of plug-ins (i.e. add-ons) we can incorporate – A/B testing, contact forms, multimedia, social media connections, lead generation tools…the possibilities are ENDLESS for the different add-ons we can incorporate on your site to increase the patients it generates.

We can create a unique solution specific to your practice – Need 100 pages on your site to cover all your medical specialties? We can do that. Want a custom slideshow to display before and after pictures? No problem. With our web designers and the flexibility of the WordPress platform, your site will be customized to YOU.

So before you trust a big box website company to build you a cookie-cutter website on a ‘proprietary’ system, let’s talk – 817-281-3440.

We’re STILL trying to get the big box website providers to make the necessary site changes for the 2 new clients I mentioned. Save yourself the hassle and frustration and choose a custom WordPress site.