Content Marketing – The Method to the Madness

Posted in Digital, Marketing, Social Media | April 13,2017

There is a large misconception floating around that asserts content marketing is nothing more than what you put on your organization’s blog. Not true! Yes, blogging is an integral component of content marketing for your practice or business, but it is only a part of the larger picture.  

Content marketing has a place in all levels of your marketing strategy. For a cold prospect to become a patient or customer, they will need to work their way through all three stages of the marketing funnel, sampling wonderful (but different!) tidbits of content marketing along the way.

Picture a funnel, wide opening at the top, smaller in the middle and smallest opening at the bottom. Got it?


The largest section of your funnel is labeled AWARENESS. A prospect must first be made aware they have a problem (poor vision, dependency on glasses and/or contacts) and that YOU have a solution(s) for it. This is where your practice blog should SHINE!

Content at this level should be lighthearted, inspiring and focused on raising brand or procedure awareness. Blogs, social media updates and infographics are great tools for marketing toward AWARENESS.


When my kids were little and did something wrong that needed correcting, I told them to “have a think about it”. When considering an elective procedure or an investment of any kind, it’s never a bad idea to stop and “have a think about it”.

Of those who move through the AWARENESS phase, recognizing and accepting that they have a problem that can be solved, they must now EVALUATE the choices. That means they can either (1) do nothing to address their problem, they can (2) look at your competitors, or they can (3) go with you.

Content at this level should be more educational and dive a little deeper. Think educational resources. Help your prospects with EVALUATION. This is also a great place to use content that incentivizes prospects to share their contact information. Quizzes, surveys and webinars are a great way to help prospects “opt in”.


If prospects have successfully navigated awareness and evaluation, they drop into the bottom of the funnel – the moment of truth – CONVERSION. This is where leads are converted into prospective patients/clients.     

Content at this level should seal the deal in your prospect’s mind, taking him or her seamlessly from lead to patient/client. Things like real patient testimonial stories and comparison/spec sheets that show how your offering stacks up against another choice are useful here.


Why is it so important to focus on creating content that uniquely complements the specific phase of consideration your prospects are in? Because it works! Failing to build a full-funnel content plan will leave you disappointed with your marketing results.

Now that you have this knowledge, it’s time to implement it into your practice/business. Begin to use this today to connect with new leads. Make no mistake, if you can master the skill of converting leads, you will get the lion’s share of new patients/clients in your market.

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