Text Messages – Everyone’s Favorite

Posted in Digital, Marketing | April 10,2017

OK, now that we’ve covered some email rules, let’s move on into text messages.

Something like 95% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes.

How awesome is that?

And for most of us, we would rather text than talk on the phone anyway.

This makes text messaging a great tool in your prospect conversion arsenal.

Now, we mentioned this previously, but it’s worth reiterating:

Make sure before you text someone, that you have their permission to do so.

A simple check box on your contact forms that says, “Yes, you may text me” works, just make sure you have it. Otherwise, you could get into trouble with the FTC for unsolicited texting.

Likelihood of that happening? Super-low. But still not worth it.

One other thing – Don’t send/receive protected health information (PHI) via text. The following tactics are ONLY to help you initially connect with prospects who have told you they are happy to receive texts.

ProTip – We are not lawyers. We don’t even play some on TV. You should take nothing here as legal advice. Talk to a real lawyer if you have real legal questions.

Back to the tactics.

Each engagement text has 3 parts – The Intro, The Message, and the Engagement Point.


Start your texts the same way – greet them and intro yourself.

“Hey <their name>! This is Adam with ABC Eye Center.”

Easy, clear, simple. You don’t want them guessing who you are.


This should be contextual when possible, and not necessarily related to the procedure. Examples:

  • “Congrats on the engagement!” (lead came via ‘engaged women’ targeted Facebook ads)
  • “So, not loving those reading glasses?” (lead came from ‘reading glasses’ Facebook ad)
  • “Contacts affecting your computer work?” (lead came from ad about staring at computer all day)

Engagement Point

Think creatively with this, same as the email. Remember, the goal is to start a conversation, not necessarily to book the person immediately. Examples:

  • How often are you having to wear the readers?
  • What’s kept you from having LASIK in the past?
  • How many pairs of reading glasses do you have?
  • Have you ever had a consultation before?
  • Do you typically wear glasses or contacts?

Guidelines For Follow-Up:

  1. Spend adequate time discovering their problems. Prospects don’t care about your solutions until they know you understand their problems. So don’t say things like “We can definitely solve that for you!” Focus on their problems, not your solutions.
  1. Keep it short. Text messages are brief. Save your bloviating for the consultation.
  1. Ask for the business (when appropriate). The samples above are designed for that first interaction. If you can get the conversation STARTED, it’s infinitely easier to keep it going. So that’s why we focused specifically on the ‘getting it started’ part. But after you’ve talked about their problems and had a strong back and forth, invite the prospect for a consult.

Questions about how to integrate text messaging into your business?

Call us.

The Miller Public Relations Team

Now that we’ve covered some text message standard practices, let’s move on to Facebook Messenger guidelines.