Facebook Messenger – The Next Big Thing

Posted in Digital, Marketing, Social Media | August 7,2017

By Cyndi Miller, Miller Public Relations, CEO

OK, now that we’ve covered some text message standard practices, let’s move on to Facebook Messenger guidelines.

Facebook Messenger is quickly growing as a messaging format for almost 2 billion Facebook users around the world.

Facebook has put many resources behind its development, and they continue to add new features in an effort to make it the ‘go-to’ messaging tool for Facebook users.

This signals that FB Messenger needs to be a focus as a way of connecting with prospects.

Current Constraints on FB Messages

Right now, you can’t just message anyone you want from your practice Facebook page. If so, we would all get a lot more spam on Facebook, which would degrade the user experience.

BUT your practice can message people who first message you on Facebook.

Additionally, you can now run ads on Facebook specifically to get people to send a chat message to your practice on Facebook messenger.

So you can see how you can create opportunities for interaction on Messenger.

But what do you say?

When someone messages you on FB messenger, it’s a little different than sending an outbound text or email because they are the ones who are sending the first message to you.

This gives you an advantage that you can easily squander if you don’t play your cards right.

Like the text message, Facebook Messenger has a 3-part response script – The Intro, The Message, and the Engagement Point.


Since the messages are to/from your practice page, be sure to introduce yourself so the prospect knows who they are chatting with. The script is the same as the text messaging script:

  • “Hey <their name>! This is Adam with ABC Eye Center.”
  • Easy, clear, simple.


    Typically, you are responding to a question that the prospect messaged to you.

    In this scenario, affirm the question, then briefly answer it. Examples:

  • “Great question! We have a few different financing options, depending on your goals and how you want to fit this into your budget.”
  • “Definitely, that’s a very common question. With the type of LASIK we offer here at ABC Eye Center, we can correct for astigmatism.”
  • “That’s not a silly question at all. That particular procedure is designed to help you regain your reading vision specifically.”
  • “We certainly do! We offer consultations 5 days a week.”
  • Engagement Point

    If the person is asking to book a consult, by all means, ask them to book and make it happen.

    If not, use this 3-point process to create your engagement point:

  • Click over to their Facebook page
  • Take a look at their profile picture
  • Ask a follow-up question about something in the profile picture
  • Examples:

  • “I see in your profile picture that you’re hiking. Is that Main Street Park? I love that place!”
  • “How long have you been mountain biking?”
  • “I LOVE your necklace in your profile picture! Where did you get it?”
  • By mentioning something in the profile picture,you’re engaging the prospect about something they do/like, which we already discussed is a great way to start building rapport. And it doesn’t feel like you’re stalking since profile pictures are basically public.

    Questions about how to integrate Facebook Messenger into your business?

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    Now that we’ve covered some Facebook Messanger guidelines, let’s move on to conversation killers to avoid.

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