Do You Pass the So What Test?

Posted in Social Media | November 8,2011

Before you post on social media, first put it through the “So What” test. This is the easiest way to see if your social media is relevant. It’s easy. After every post, ask yourself, “So What?”

Many fail at this test. Why? Because the company has only cared about one thing – their own best interests. Remember, social media is all about caring and asking, “How can I help?”  Your social media content should be a resource to your customer, helping them by bringing value whenever possible.

Social media is not just about selling. Social media is about making people find, like and trust you, leading them to your products and services, and being there when they are ready to buy.

Would you click it?

The easiest version of the “So What” test is to ask yourself, “Is the content compelling enough for a click, comment, like, or repost this?”

Take, for example, this recent post by the Dallas Cowboys:

This was a joint promotion with Gatorade. The Cowboys could have opted to post, “We want to thank Gatorade for being an awesome sponsor.” That post would fail the “So What” test, for people are not that interested in the fact that Gatarode gave Jerry Jones money to be the sole fluid provider at training camp. What fans do want is to feel connected to the team.

Look at the results: 5,334 comments, 1,102 Shares, 23 re-posts. This is free advertising for Gatorade (and the ‘Boys) on their wall. All of this occured in the first three hours. I imagine these numbers will grow even higher in the coming day.

By asking a question, the post encouraged viewers to interact and guess. By declaring a winner the following week, fans will desire to return to the page. If I guessed 3,210 – I want to know how close I was. Genius.

You don’t need to be the Dallas Cowboys to use this strategy. If you are a local dentist, ask, “How many cavities did we fill this month?” A plumber? “How many joint fittings did we connect?”Get people to guess and be shocked.

You don’t always have to ask a question to pass the test. Check out this post from Sprinkles Cupcakes (a trendy cupcake joint):

Or check out this post from Eat This, Not That (a book about making healthy choices while eating out):

Those both pass the “So What” test. Here are some guidelines to seeing if your content passes the “So What” test:

  • Does it make me think?
  • Is it content I can’t get anywhere else?
  • Does it shock me?
  • Does it make me laugh?
  • Does it make me angry?
  • Does make me sad?
  • Does it make me want to take action (and not just purchasing something)?
  • Does it make me want to tell my friends?
  • Would I tell this post to my friends in real life?

If you can answer “Yes” about a post to any of these questions, you will pass the “So What” test.

Troy Cole Director of Account Services