Does caring = profits?

Posted in Social Media | May 3,2011

Social media is all about caring. Why are you on Facebook? Because you care about what your friends are doing. Whether or not you should care (especially about the 500th photo of your aunt’s cat) is another question. But we all are on social media because we care about the people we are connected to.

So, what does this have to do with profits and business? It’s easy. The companies that care the most about their customer (both online and offline) will win.

Look at companies that do an incredible job caring. Zappos cares incredibly about their customers and will bend over backwards for their customers. I’ve heard stories of people testing how much they care – one involved a customer calling late at night to have the customer service person find a pizza place open in San Fransisco. The Zappos employee found a place and didn’t even flinch. The call wasn’t even about shoes. That’s dedication to customer service.

That story was just a free ad for Zappos, all because of the 10 minutes a customer service agent stayed on the phone with a customer.  Zappos isn’t the cheapest shoe company. They don’t have the largest selection, but they are winning (as Charlie Sheen would say) every day. It’s all about service.

The Internet has made the world the largest small town. Think back to the days of when there as a small town, with a baker and a butcher. What would happen if the butcher didn’t make a problem right? It would spread quickly around the town – in the PTA meeting, the country club, the barber shop – and it would ultimately force the butcher out of business.

All of these conversations now happen online, but they happen with the megaphone of social sharing on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. In fact, if someone posts a negative comment, a handful of people repost it and a couple people comment on it, the reach can be incredible. Based upon the average Facebook user, it would reach about 8,000 people. Pretty amazing when you talk about one little problem getting out of control. But that 8,000 people could just as easily see a positive message that someone posts about your brand.

As a business owner, you need to care online. You need to care about your customers. You need to care about your product. Caring isn’t just a lovey-dovey feeling, it can mean real dollars for your business today.

I encourage you to go the extra mile today and thank one of your customers in some way. Need help with spreading the love online? Just shoot us an email to get started.

Best, Chrissy Madison Social Media Specialist