Does Your Marketing Plan Include a Solid Patient Referral Program?

Posted in Business Practices | June 25,2019

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Tap into this oft-overlooked revenue booster with our help

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, developing a strong referral network is critical to the success of your medical practice. If you want to grow revenue, you need to attract new patients on a consistent basis. In addition to other marketing and advertising efforts, establishing a reliable referral network is an excellent way to bring in new business.

A key player (okay, the key player) in a strong referral network is your physician liaison. This is the person who develops and nurtures relationships with referring doctors and potential referring doctors in the community.

If you have one on your team, how long has it been since you spent time in the field with your physician liaison? If the answer is “never”, it’s okay. We understand. In a busy practice, it can be challenging to take time out of the office. Between clinic and surgery and overseeing your team, it can feel like one more task you just don’t time for.

But here’s the truth: you can’t afford not to take the time to get out in the field with your liaison. It is time well spent and will bear fruit in many ways. Doing periodic ride-alongs with your physician liaison will accomplish a few key things:

  • Shows that you are committed to their role and that what they do every day matters
  • Gives you valuable insight into how things are really going out there

After all, your physician liaison is the face of your practice to your referring partners and potential referring partners. The customer’s perception of your liaison is ultimately their perception of you and your practice. Can you see how important it is to have a trusted and well-trained liaison?

Whether you don’t have (but need!) a physician liaison or you have one but are not sure he/she is having the impact they should, we are here to help. At Miller Public Relations, we love to help our clients build robust referral programs from the ground up. We’ve done it many times for practices large and small, all across the nation.

A few of the areas where we can help include:

  • Hiring the ideal physician liaison (We know just what to look for!)
  • Developing and teaching our proven and effective call plan
  • Ongoing support and training of your liaison(s)
  • Development of referral materials to make referring a patient to you a simple process

If you’re not seeing as many referred patients as you would like or as you think you should be, maybe it’s because no one is actively seeking them out and asking for them. Your practice’s physician liaison(s) should be developing strong relationships with multiple offices and especially those who are not currently referring to you.

We’d love to help you with this important part of your practice. Let’s talk.