Finish Strong

Posted in Uncategorized | December 10,2020

It’s the Miller Public Relations Way

2020 was hard, y’all. It was weird. And challenging. And a host of other kooky things. But here we are, on the eve of 2021, and you know what? If you’re reading this, you made it. We may all be a little weary and worn, but we made it.

At Miller Public Relations, we believe that calls for a moment of gratitude.

And then, if it’s okay with you, we’d like to let you know about some good things, some great things, that have taken place in our house during this historic year to remember.

Practice Growth in a Pandemic

Despite the many challenges surrounding the COVID-19 health pandemic, many of our medical clients saw record months in elective surgeries booked. It’s true. It seems impossible. But staying the course and steering the ship, while continuing with a consistent marketing message really paid off.

“We always work hard to keep our clients top of mind in their respective markets, and it has paid off in some amazing ways during the pandemic. Many, many of our clients are seeing record numbers as people are choosing to use their saved vacation money to invest in themselves with procedures like LASIK and premium cataract surgery. Continuous efforts at putting our clients out there meant when people suddenly found themselves with the time and resources to make the investment, our clients were right there to meet their needs.”

Cyndi Miller, CEO of Miller Public Relations

Specializing in medical marketing for over 25 years, we take the position of literally partnering with all of our clients. For example, we’ve partnered with Mann Eye Institute for decades now, and we’ve weathered quite a bit together over the years. Tremendous trust and respect flow both ways with this longtime relationship, so when things got shaky in the late spring of this year, we focused on keeping the lines of communication wide open and walking it out together.

“We knew we had to come back strong after we were able to reopen. Together with Miller Public Relations, we were able to get a message out there that really resonated with our market. We were excited to break records during a time of year that is normally slower, even in normal years.”

Dina Owens, Mann Eye Institute

Awarded for Our Digital Marketing Chops

Another bright spot in a challenging year was some recent recognition. Miller Public Relations was named a Top Social Media Marketing Agency by BestDesigns.co; number 15 on the list, to be exact. Check it out.

BestDesigns.co is an online resource that features the best website, logo, print, app, package and video designs from around the world. Users can search and filter by type, industry, style and more to find renowned inspiration for website designs, branding campaigns, marketing initiatives, and more.

Vision for the Future

At Miller Public Relations, we do a lot of things. And social media marketing, ophthalmology digital marketing and LASIK marketing are big parts of what we do. But certainly not all! From full-service marketing and advertising campaign creation and management to culture training and consulting, our well is deep with talent and passion. We’d love to connect with you about helping your team identify and develop a vision for the coming year that can take your business to the next level. Let’s talk.