Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Piecemeal Your Marketing

Posted in Business Practices, Marketing | July 6,2021

Your Business Needs a Comprehensive, Full-Service Marketing Agency

Whether you’re a new business owner or you’ve been building your organization for some time, if growth is the goal, you need to think about how your marketing needs are or will be handled. And truthfully, it can be a complex and often confusing decision. Especially when you’re trying to, well, run a business.

So, should you use an in-house team member? Or let your friend/cousin/acquaintance who “knows how to design a website” take a stab at it? Do it yourself? Or how about hire a few different vendors for different parts of your marketing plan?

Based on experience and lots of metrics, we believe it is in your very best interest to hire one full-service agency to handle all your marketing and advertising needs.

Here are five reasons why:

1.A good marketing strategy requires synergy. Marketing is a circular process, not a linear one. That means everything works together. It can be challenging (if not impossible) to create a cohesive campaign when multiple people/agencies are involved. Thoughtfully crafted marketing objectives create strategy which creates individual tactics. And each of these elements needs to be on the same page. Imagine if your message on radio says one thing, your social media presence is in a different vein, your printed collateral gives an even different feel, and your website style and message are completely unconnected to any of it? You’d be surprised how often we see this.

Real-life example we’ve seen at MPR: Collateral that doesn’t use the same logo, font, style or color schemes as the website. Nothing matched because two separate agencies were hired – one for the website, one for the collateral – with no liaison in place to help keep everyone on the same page. In the end, in order to achieve the professional, cohesive look the client desired, we had to re-do everything.

2. You won’t need to hire, onboard, train and manage an employee. One of the most time-consuming parts of hiring a new employee is the lengthy process of bringing them into your company culture and teaching them what they need to know in order to understand their role. Some organizations spend months on the training process alone! And even after all that is done, you’ll still need to dedicate time to overseeing the team member and the work.

With an agency, it’s a different kind of relationship. There is no on-boarding, training or managing to deal with on your end because all that is handled internally by the agency’s management team. This frees you up to do what you do best – run your business.

3. Timeliness. Let’s take the scenario where you let a friend or family member who has some marketing experience help you on a freelance basis. First, if they’re doing this as a favor to you, timelines will likely be slow, feedback can get blurred, mistakes can happen along the way, and constructive feedback can be a little, well, awkward. Even if your family member or friend is a professional, having a clean, unemotional, professional relationship will always suit you better in the end.

4. You’ll save a lot of money (no, really). One of the first questions business owners should definitely ask when trying to determine whether to hire an agency, several independent vendors or to dedicate in-house resources is, “What’s the price difference?” This may come as a surprise, but an agency, over time, will be much less expensive.

Consider that with an agency, you won’t have to dedicate an entire salary to an in-house employee(s), which means you also won’t have to pay payroll taxes and benefits. Additionally, you won’t have to pay for the tools needed to successfully run and track a marketing campaign. All these things can really add up!

Another consideration that directly equates to money is experience. It’s best to leave things like website development, copywriting and design to the professionals. They have the skill, experience and tools to do the job right (the first time). In truth, you’ll likely spend more money and time fixing the problems that come from NOT using a professional.

Real-life examples we’ve seen at MPR: A company came to us with a website that had been passed through three other individuals and/or inexperienced digital agencies. It was supposed to be “inexpensive” and “simple” but ended up costing them three times the amount they budgeted once it got to us.

Another client hired a “cheap” logo designer and ended up spending twice as much when it was brought to us to fix it.

5. You’ll have access to industry experts. By hiring an agency versus one individual or even several individuals, you won’t just have access to one expert, you’ll have access to an entire team of experts. A team that works together toward a common goal – your success and growth!

At MPR, we have a 25+year history in this industry. Some of us are designers and writers, others of us are strategists and digital experts. As a team, we connect daily with our clients, working in lockstep to execute results-driven, integrated creative campaigns.

Partner with a Trusted Pro

At Miller Public Relations, we are more than a business partner. In fact, we are often considered an extension of our clients’ teams. And when your tag line is Yes, we can!, it’s important to be the kind of people who can Get. It. Done.

“When you have one agency in charge of all of your marketing efforts, they’re going to have an innate ability to fill in the gaps, see the things that need to be addressed, have a deep understanding of your business goals, and you won’t be duplicating costs or adding extra time to projects because a dedicated account manager helps get it all done.”

Amanda Polk, Vice President of Miller Public Relations

On behalf of the clients we serve, we commit to create, innovate, communicate, track, advise, listen, think outside the box, adjust. All with the goal of positioning each client as a trusted leader in their particular market. In short, we grow businesses—from the inside out.

Our capabilities are many, including:

  • Custom design and copywriting
  • Customer experience
  • Lead nurture consulting
  • Website design and development
  • Content optimization
  • Digital, social media and email marketing
  • Television, radio, print and outdoor advertising

We have clients of all sizes. With budgets of all sizes. From all kinds of industries. Their common denominator is that they decided to trust a pro for their marketing and advertising needs. But don’t just take our word for it. See what a few of our happy clients have to say. And then, if you’re ready to grow your business, let’s talk.