Hello, 2021! We’re so happy you’re here

Posted in Business Practices, Uncategorized | December 31,2020

A Word About Marketing in a Pandemic World

cyndi miller

Happy New Year! As we step into 2021, you, like many of us, may be feeling a few different emotions. Relief? Gratitude? Exhaustion? Expectation? Maybe even some cautious optimism? Yep. We’re feeling all the feels, too.

After the year we all just endured, few of us would be bold enough to predict the future. But here at Miller Public Relations, we are seeing some trends that we believe can benefit our clients if leveraged thoughtfully and carefully.

A Resurgence of Interest in Elective Procedures

Across the US, interest in a variety of elective procedures including premium cataract surgery and LASIK has seen a boost, and we attribute it to a few interesting reasons:

  • Saved money. With no big vacations to take or major events to attend this year, many people are finding they actually have extra cash in their pockets to spend on things they may not have considered in the past or thought they couldn’t afford.
  • More time. With so many people working remotely for the unforeseen future, there’s less concern about taking time off work or not being able to wear makeup post-op for a few days.
  • Face mask fog bog. Anyone who wears glasses and a face mask at the same time understands this constant annoyance. No one really knows how long we’ll be wearing face masks in public, but there is no doubt that freedom from the hassles and restrictions of glasses and contacts surely helps simplify life.

We’ve enjoyed helping our ophthalmology clients pivot and adjust to this unexpected silver lining.

We always work hard to keep our clients top-of-mind within their respective audiences, and it has paid off in some amazing ways during the pandemic. Many of our clients are seeing record numbers as people are choosing to use their saved vacation money to invest in themselves. Continuous efforts at promoting our clients in their markets meant when people suddenly found themselves with the time and resources to make the investment, our clients were right there to meet their need.

Cyndi Miller, CEO and Founder of Miller Public Relations

Embrace the Digital Transformation (because it’s here to stay)

The pandemic forced many businesses and medical practices to move toward digital channels for product and service delivery as well as marketing in a stronger way than ever before. From e-commerce, email, apps, live chat and telehealth to the creative use of social media for branding, messaging and communication, “Digital transformation” has been the buzzword since the spring of 2020.

If you could use some help making the migration to digital platforms, we’ve got you. We firmly believe the businesses that embrace evolving technologies to create a more seamless customer experience will be in a leadership position post-pandemic. We can help with everything from selecting the right digital platforms to tracking and analytics to see what’s working.

Step into the New Year with Confidence

At Miller Public Relations, we subscribe to a no-excuses mentality. When your tag line is Yes, we can!, it’s important to be the kind of people who can Get. It. Done. On behalf of the clients we serve, we commit to create, innovate, communicate, track, advise, listen, think outside the box, adjust. All with the goal of positioning each client as a trusted leader in their particular market. In short, we grow businesses—from the inside out. Even in a post-pandemic world.

Our capabilities are many, including:

  • Custom design and copywriting
  • Customer experience
  • Lead nurture consulting
  • Website design and development
  • Content optimization
  • Digital, social media and email marketing
  • Television, radio, print and outdoor advertising

If one of your goals for 2021 is to return your business to pre-pandemic levels or even grow your business, we’d love to help! Let’s talk.

At Miller Public Relations, we are full of optimism for the coming year. And we’d love to partner with you in making a solid plan for the new year and beyond. We are ready to serve your marketing, advertising and public relations needs. Call us at 817.281.3440 or email mpr@millerpublicrelations.com.