what's your mountain?

as a full-service marketing agency,
we'll help you conquer it.

what's your mountain?

as a full-service marketing agency,
we'll help you conquer it.

the challenge

For small businesses in particular, marketing success is a tall mountain to climb due to lack of resources, expertise and time. The majority of small businesses do not have as much as a jumping off point to formulate a marketing plan and they are likely busy serving existing customers.

The fluidity of marketing and cultivating relationships goes beyond the traditional “4Ps”-product (service), price, place and promotion. As we see it at Miller Public Relations, marketing is the ability to attract and reach one person at a time. This happens through initial contact or touch point, engagement and final conversion into a satisfied client.

Marketing is not a one-off or stand-alone event. It is a series of continuous communications to get a business and its target audience off the ledge to make a decision to act.

If you’re stuck, first of all, do not jump… into hiring a marketing person or using an existing resource to fill in the gap. This is not a do-it-yourself (DIY) project! You need expert assistance in helping with the climb-the process of getting there.

So, you want to grow your business through effective marketing and you can go in a few directions: You can hire a traditional agency and pay a high retainer; you can handle your marketing in-house with additional staff, salaries and benefits (overhead); or you can partner with Miller Public Relations.

the climb

What is your mountain? We’ll help you conquer it.

Your mountain is your ultimate success, as defined by you and executed by us. And if you haven’t defined IT-what your success looks like qualitatively and quantitatively-we will help you. How high do you want to go? Once determined, we at Miller Public Relations will carefully take the necessary incremental steps to deliver your marketing strategies and tactics that will ultimately win you clients.

With intimate knowledge of your market and competition, we create an integrated approach, from the inside out, to substantially increase new business potential. Consider us your right arm, your internal marketing partner.

From day one, we’re all hands on deck.

The Miller Public Relations Difference

We are an award-winning, nationally recognized traditional and digital Marketing-PR-Advertising agency. Combined, we have more than a century of expertise spanning 25 years in business, successfully navigating the marketing terrain for long-tenured clients across the nation. But in the light of day, what makes us… us?

Simply, Miller Public Relations has created our own brand as a boutique agency with a tightly woven team of professionals that serves the broad medical marketing industry. We are highly respected as the go-to PR expert with exceptionally loyal clients who have experienced significant business growth.

the conquest

You want to get peak performance out of your marketing efforts and assigned budget. This starts with setting clear goals for what to expect and reaching achievable metrics for success. At Miller Public Relations we apply ROI metrics to your marketing mountain.

It is well known that measuring the total or cumulative effects of any advertising, public relations or social media campaign can be tricky, as it is not an exact science. You obviously want to get the most bang for your buck on a marketing investment. Simply put, return-on-investment (ROI) is the cost to do something compared to the end result. ROI is the financial cost and the financial gain over the time of the sales cycle. How long does it take to return your money back to a reasonable, re-distributable profit?

For instance, you might want to set your sights on: having 30%-40% (or higher) of your target audience to inquire about your recent press release, ad spot, email blast, Q&A session or blog activity; or, over time, being able to achieve 10% growth of new clients per quarter. The first ROI metric is more qualitative and less quantitative, but the second is definitely quantitative. With advertising, public relations and social media you can get a combination of both ROI metrics with a partner who employs this measure of accountability.

As your marketing arm, Miller Public Relations becomes deeply involved and invested in your success, employing proven business models, strategies and metrics. Our goal is to take you to the top of your market as well as create a sustainable, reproducible brand for future growth.


Brand Identity

  • Logo Design
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Cohesive Collateral
  • Internal Design

Consulting + Training

  • Market + Internal Analysis
  • ROI Metrics
  • Staff Training + Development


  • Graphic + Web Design
  • Copywriting + Ghostwriting
  • Photo + Video
  • Blogs


  • Planning, Buying + Creative Execution
  • Media Planning + Buying

Public + Media Relations

  • Conflict Resolution + Reputation Management
  • Press Releases
  • Community Outreach

Digital Marketing + Tools

  • Google Adwords Paid Search
  • Retargeting, Mobile + Display Advertising
  • Content Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Capture Tools
  • Marketing Automation
  • Review Generation Programs
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media