How One Brand Has Flipped the Industry on its Head

Posted in Branding, Marketing | May 11,2021

Why They’ve Been So Successful and What We Can All Learn From Them

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth or Houston areas and you haven’t seen or heard of sexy teeth, you’re just not paying attention.

A Texas dental group has single-handedly repositioned a mundane, routine service (one that many people dread!) and made it…sexy. Appealing. Alluring. Fun. Dentistry has essentially been marketed in the same way since forever, making the bold launch into the market even more attention-grabbing.

This brand has done so many things right, adopted so many barrier-breaking, unexpected approaches that we just have to weigh in.

Five Winning Strategies That Are Easily Transferable to Many Other Industries

1. Be fresh. Ditch the same ol’-same ol’ colors. News flash, you don’t have to choose basic blue. Or red. Research shows that up to 85% of consumers believe color is the biggest motivator when choosing a particular product. Look at this beauty we designed for a stone floor restoration company:

2. Get sexy. Mindfully consider your company’s slogan or tagline, the individuals who are the face of your brand. Even your facility. Are they each putting their best foot forward and “saying” what you want them to “say”? Are they sleek, elegant, sexy? It could be time for a refresh!

3. Be EVERYWHERE. Now, we understand that not every business has a giant ad budget, especially start-ups and small businesses. But you can start small and get strategic to similarly emulate this “everywhere” vibe. Pro tip: You don’t actually have to be everywhere. It just has to look like you are everywhere. Not sure how to pull that off? We can help!

4. Don’t waver. Be bold. And make no apologies for it. Find your differentiator (that thing that sets you apart from your competition) and own it. Rock it. Talk about it at every turn. Maybe you don’t make sexy teeth, but maybe you restore people’s sight with life-changing cataract surgery or give people visual freedom with advanced LASIK. How do you do it better than any other practice in town?

This differentiator identification is such an important step in a successful overall marketing strategy. If your team could use a little guidance here, we’d love to partner with you and guide you through this process.

5. Stay true to your word and delight the customer. Be who you say you are (keep your promises) every day, for every person who does business with you. Don’t change course mid-stream. Don’t get distracted. Delight the customer, and they’ll pay you in dividends with reviews!

Want to Stand Out from the Crowd? Don’t Go it Alone

At Miller Public Relations, we are a trusted marketing partner to businesses large and small across the country. And when your tag line is Yes, we can!, it’s important to be the kind of people who can Get. It. Done. On behalf of the clients we serve, we commit to creating, innovating, communicating, tracking, advising, listening, thinking outside the box, and adjusting. All with the goal of positioning each client as a trusted leader in their particular market. In short, we grow businesses—from the inside out. And we make them stand out from the crowd.

Our capabilities are many, including:

  • Custom design and copywriting
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At Miller Public Relations, we love developing bold, impactful marketing campaigns. And we’d love to partner with you in making a solid branding plan for your business. We are ready to serve your marketing, advertising and public relations needs. Let’s talk!