How To Deliver What Customers Want

Posted in Competitive Focus, Digital, Marketing | May 6,2011

In today’s tough economy, it is vital to focus your marketing efforts on your customers’ needs. But what are those needs? Do you really know what drives customers to your practice or makes them select your products and services over a competitor’s?

You may think you have the answers based on customer surveys or patient questionnaires. Perhaps you rely on your own experience and judgment. But that’s not enough. The real reasons behind what motivates a customer’s buying decisions may still remain hidden. And that’s because those reasons are primarily emotional.

Customers buy a particular product – and patients often select a particular doctor or practice – based on a response to an emotional trigger or because of an emotional connection that has been established in their mind. Your job is to uncover those emotional drivers. Understanding this concept can mean the difference between your success and failure.

The auto industry has the idea of marketing to an individual’s subliminal desires down to a science. People don’t just buy a car – they buy a symbol of status, success, power and sex. Acquiring the right car may give them a sense of luxury, comfort, social advancement, pride, confidence or an expectation that life will become more fun or adventurous. They are buying a concept of who they think they are or who they would like to be.

There are other emotional factors that encourage customers to buy: greater peace of mind, safety and security – either physically or psychologically, improving their appearance to look and feel younger, and the desire to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

What are the emotional triggers for your product or service? Or more importantly, how do you position your business or practice so you can appeal to those triggers? Ask the customer, either one-on-one or in focus group sessions. That’s where we can help. You have to ask the right, open-ended questions to solicit the answers you need to hear. If you want our expert advice, call us at (817) 281-3440.

Lead, follow or get out of the way,

Cyndi Miller CEO, Miller Public Relations