How to Master Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing

Posted in Branding, Marketing | April 28,2021

Brand Your Differentiator

Many physicians don’t think that their “product” is something that can/should be marketed directly to the consumer. In most cases, that’s simply not true. In fact, for many specialties, direct-to-consumer marketing presents a great opportunity to grow your practice in a very strategic way.

Here’s why. Consumers (i.e., your future patients) are drawn to companies that feel personal. In a 2019 Direct-to-Consumer online survey, 42% of respondents stated they wished companies would customize products for their specific needs. And data shows that these same consumers are heavily drawn to brands that forge personal relationships, deliver intimate experiences and demonstrate genuine empathy.

At Miller Public Relations, we have found the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) model works very well in the medical space. With the rise of the ability to target very specific people on various platforms, practices that adopt this direct-to-consumer marketing model can quickly and efficiently reach their target audience.

Marrying what we know about consumers’ wants with how consumers have told us they like to receive information, we have developed a winning formula we use with our clients to bring new patients to their doors and turn them into loyal ambassadors (those who will return again and again, as well as refer their friends and family).

Identify Your Differentiator. If you want to gain a competitive edge in your market, this is a critical step. What is something your practice does or offers that others don’t? Or, how do you offer it better? This is your differentiator and is where you’ll want to focus your marketing efforts. Be mindful about the process of narrowing down the field and selecting your unique differentiator. And, keep in mind – even if it’s something that someone else does, you can still position it in a way that works in your favor.

Case study: We have a longtime client that is a highly successful Dallas-based vascular practice. They came to us several years back looking for some help in branding and overall marketing strategy. Then a single-surgeon practice, this group is now a multi-location practice with five surgeons (soon to be six!) and its own branded facility. Together, we identified their key differentiator (limb salvage/amputation prevention), and we branded it (The Limb Salvage Center). Remember when we said that consumers are heavily drawn to brands that forge personal relationships, deliver intimate experiences and demonstrate genuine empathy? This branded limb salvage center addresses each of those desires by offering highly personalized care in a comfortable setting where staff will know each patient’s name and story. The thought of facing amputation is scary. But to be met by an experienced, compassionate expert in a setting completely dedicated to saving limbs inspires trust and confidence!

Brand Your Differentiator. In other words, consistently market It. Now that you have identified your key differentiator, it’s time to market the heck out of it, consistently and systematically, over a period of time. It’s so important to tell and tell and then tell again. In different ways. Through different channels.

Case study: We took the branded differentiator (The Limb Salvage Center) and led with it in every marketing effort we put forth for this client. From full-page ads in the city’s largest daily newspaper and billboards throughout the region to targeted magazines, Facebook ads and more, The Limb Salvage Center is consistently touted as the area’s premier choice for anyone who has been told they are facing an amputation and wants a second opinion.

Not sure how to proceed with all this? We can help.

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