Important Changes in Google Search

Posted in Search Engine Optimization | April 18,2011

Google recently announced some very important changes in the way it displays search results (Finding more high-quality sites in search) that could alter where your website shows up in Google search results.

Google is always tweaking their algorithm (the different variables that determine what page comes up first) to better enhance search for their customers – you and I. Google looks at many things to determine the order pages come up: everything from how the website is coded, to how many people put a link to your story, how many Facebook fans you have and even where the keywords are placed on the website.

For companies, like Miller PR, that provide search engine optimization (SEO) keeping up with Google’s changes is a full-time job.

Some companies and individuals set up pages designed to drive traffic and therefore, income – not to provide visitors with the best possible content. So what does that mean for your site? Good, original, insightful and fresh content will always win. If you’re already changing up your website with great content, you have nothing to worry about. This change will help your search engine performance.

Think of your website like a living, breathing organism. It needs to be fed, it needs to be worked out, it needs activity. Sites that Google is targeting with this change are the lazy sites – the sites that want a quick buck.

You don’t workout once and expect to get results for months, do you? Your website is no different.

Websites with great content don’t only attract Google, they also attract more visitors. A recent study shows that websites that get updated five or more times per month get 300% more traffic than website that are not updated.

All of this makes common sense, too – are you more likely to visit a brick and mortar store that gets new clothes in all the time, or one where the clothes never change?

Update your site more often, get more visitors. It’s that simple, and our team at Miller PR has the tools and expertise to make it happen. Give us a shout and let us help you.

Best, Chrissy Madison Social Media Specialist