Building A Super Highway To Your Website – Three Strategies To Increasing Web Traffic

Posted in Increasing Web Traffic | May 8,2013

Increasing Web Traffic

Build It and They May Not Come – (Increasing Web Traffic)

Once I was involved in a building project for a large non-profit. We spent a large sum of time, money and energy to see that building was built correctly and completed by deadline.

We even had the audio/video company working 24/7, we and did our sound checks and light programming while they were still patching in the last few fixtures… 12-hours before our Grand Opening.

Our first large-scale meeting was well attended with over 3,500 people. After our launch date, the staff and volunteers all said, “Whew. We did it!!!”

We had hit our goal. We were pumped. We were exhausted. And we made a big mistake…

We trusted the new building would keep new folks coming back.

Guess what? It didn’t.

Our attendance quickly dropped and we all realized, “If you build it they will come” is a GIANT MYTH.

We quickly re-energized and clawed and scratched to regain momentum.

Fortunately we were able to do this, but it took much more effort to re-start momentum than it did to maintain it.

The Same is True for Your Website

Do you need an awesome website? YES!!!  90%+ of consumers research online before making a purchase. Your website is your first impression, even before someone calls or visits your business practice.

If you build it… will they come? Maybe.

Building a new website and increasing web traffic is a lot like building a new office in an undeveloped area outside of town. You can have an awesome virtual “building” online, but if no one is driving by, it does you little good.

I have seen too many people build great websites and then set them to pasture with no follow-up effort put into place. They quickly become beautiful e-ghost towns.

Whether you’re launching a new site or simply refreshing your current site, with adequate “roadwork” your website can generate a flood of new traffic coming your way.

So What Do You Do?

Right on the heels of your website launch is a great time to go gangbusters in online efforts to begin increasing web traffic.

If your site is older, consider a re-fresh and re-launch project. These efforts are, in effect, building HIGHWAYS to your new online office or storefront.  Instead of sitting back and thinking, “Whew, the site is up, let’s sit back and watch what happens,” now is the time to ask, “How can I build roadways to my website?”


Potentially millions of people can find your site as they search for a keyword or phrase on Google, Bing or other search engines and you show up in the search results. That is…IF you are doing the right things to gain this organic traffic.

Here are three highly effective ways to climb your new (or old) site in organic traffic:

1. Launch fresh content based on keywords that are being frequently searched already.

Conducting your keyword due diligence, you can find the low-hanging fruit—keywords or phrases that receive hundreds or even thousands of monthly searches, but have low competition from other sites on the web.

Once you discover those keywords, write blogs or landing pages focused around these keywords, and watch your site CLIMB the search engine rankings for those low-competition keywords.

2. Pump that fresh content through all your social media channels.

Do you have a Facebook page for your practice or business? If you do and have spent the time engaging in conversations to cultivate followers, now is when it pays off.

Tell your fans there is valuable new content on the site. Make sure you are telling them how this new content benefits THEM, the reader. As they see its value, your followers and friends will “Like”, “Share” or “Retweet” your content, and their friends will be introduced to your brand.

3. Create sponsored stories and ads.

With the right social media know-how, you can target the exact people who will respond to your new content. A well-designed and targeted Facebook ad, Pay-Per-Click campaign, Tweet, or Linked In interaction can introduce your site to slew of hot leads and their related networks. Even better, consider using a Sponsored Story—word of mouth recommendation–of one of your awesomely written status posts touting your new content.

How Miller Public Relations Can Help You Build A Super Highway to Your Site

MPR has the tools and knowledge to:

  • Select the high-traffic, low competition keywords.
  • Research and write content with those keywords in the right position and proper frequency to make search engines LOVE your posts.
  • Engage your users to grow your Facebook Fan base so you have active online relationships with those who will share your new content with their networks.
  • Create compelling status content, ads, sponsored stories, tweets and Linked In interactions so new people find you.
  • Help you track the traffic sources to your site so you know which avenues to invest more efforts towards.
  • Help your team convert all these new leads into PATIENTS and CUSTOMERS.

Confused? Not sure where to start? Let’s talk about it. Call us today – 817.281.3440

PS. Of course, other than increasing web traffic, we can always help you design or update a great site that is focused on a strong Call-To-Action to help you catch all the leads you should be getting.

Jordan Fowler, Sr. Account Services Executive