Is it dead yet?

Posted in Digital, Marketing, Social Media | May 9,2011

You hear people say, “Print is dead.” or “TV is Dead.” Print isn’t dead (you might say it’s on life support). TV isn’t dead.

Nothing showcased this more than this week’s coverage of the death of Osama Bin Laden. I, personally, heard about his death via text message. The first thing I did was log on to Twitter and see if it was true. Sure enough, every post by the people I follow was about his death.

What did I do next? Wait for the Twitter or Facebook press conference? Of course not. I turned my TV to CNN and waited for official Press Conference.

Social media hasn’t killed TV – nor will it in the near future – but it has added another dimensions to TV.

TV has an important place in today’s society, even though it has changed dramatically. People learn about important news from social media (breaking news, news important to certain niches), but people still turn to traditional outlets for full coverage.

Take a look at another major news event – the Royal wedding. Did people wake up at 4 am to watch Twitter or Facebook? No – they woke up to watch official coverage on their favorite TV station, whether that was ABC, NBC or CBS. They did, however, tweet their thoughts about what they were watching.

Right now, social media is a perfect compliment to traditional media, not necessarily a replacement. Until we can get full, live and streaming video of our favorite stations, it will stay this way.

Tammie Bonham Senior Media Buyer