Is Mobile Marketing Right For My Business?

Posted in Social Media | August 18,2011

A lot of attention has been placed on mobile marketing (otherwise known as marketing done for a mobile device – like a cell phone or tablet) recently. So, it has a lot of companies asking if mobile marketing is right for them. Let’s dive in to see if it is right for you.

Immediate Response Mobile marketing works best where there can be an instant response. Is your restaurant having a slow day? How about being able to text your customers that every entree is buy one get one free? Or happy hour prices all night?

Being able to get a quick response from your customers is the single best way to use mobile marketing. You can drive traffic during slow times. It allows you to send an immediate message and get directly in front of your customer.

Think about how far away from your cell phone you are right now. Chances are, you are less than a couple feet away from your cell phone. That’s where the power of mobile marketing is.

Loyalty Programs Mobile marketing (either through text messaging or location-based services) are great for loyalty programs. If you’re not familiar with location-based services (LBSs), they are services like Foursquare, Facebook Places and Gowalla that allow users to share their location, just like people share their photos. This is incredibly valuable because your customers are basically giving you free advertising.

I try and make my way to all of the newest places. Every time I check into a new place, my 1,000 or so friends see it in their Facebook newsfeed or Twitter feed and the business gets free advertising. I almost always get asked about how I like the place. If I’m always checking into a business, people assume I like it and want to check it out. They usually ask me about it in “real life,” too. That’s all free advertising for your business.

What are the keys to success? Here it is: Make it simple. Do your customers know how to text message? Then your program should use texting. Do your customers live on Facebook? Then find a way to use Facebook’s mobile phone apps to engage your customers.

Audaces fortuna iuvat, Troy Cole Director of Account Services