Isn’t it amazing how much things have changed in the past couple of years?

Posted in Social Media | April 25,2011

Think about your everyday life.

If you wanted to see what your cousin or aunt or work friend was up to a couple years ago, you’d have to give them a call. Now, it’s as simple as checking Facebook. They may even be on Twitter. Or, if they are very ahead of the curve, you could follow them “checking in” on apps like Gowalla, Foursquare or Facebook Places. This technology didn’t exist five years ago.

Your phone looked very different five years ago – in fact, it probably couldn’t even send a text message. The iPhone came out just four short years ago, and changed everything about our life. No longer did you need a GPS, phone and iPod, it all was combined into one “magical” device.

The apps available on your phone have even made a big difference in your every day life. When was the last time you played Scrabble? Probably many years ago (or never). When was the last time you played Words With Friends? Possibly while reading this blog.

We used to listen to the radio. Now we all have a favorite Pandora station. We used to use the phone book. Now we Google. We used to read books. Now we use the Kindle app or device. We used to drive around to find the best price. We now have Amazon.com.

The fact is, our world has changed a lot over the past couple of years. People who say they are “technically challenged” have done most of the things in the post. People have changed, and so have their expectations.

So, why are so many company websites inaccessible in the iPhone? Why can’t a customer find you in Google? When’s the last time you used Twitter search to see what people are saying about your company?

Any one of these missed opportunities is the consequence of not keeping up. Not paying attention to these technologies could mean you miss out on a customer.

Even though it’s tough to stay on top of these technologies, today’s consumer doesn’t only want it – they expect it. It takes extra work and hustle on your end.

We also work with clients that need help with the day to day management of these services and social media. If you’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with these tools and social marketing options, it’s best left to the pros. We’ll make sure that your company is visible where your customers are searching.

Audaces fortuna iuvat,

Troy Cole Director of Account Services