Just How Valuable is Your Patient?

Posted in Business Practices, Competitive Focus, Marketing | April 9,2018

Here’s a hypothetical situation, but one that can easily become a reality with a little effort on your part. Assuming you are able to secure a millennial patient in their early 20s, you will have many opportunities to serve that individual over the course of their lifetime. Then, if a patient becomes an ambassador, referring friends, family, neighbors and co-workers over a lifetime, you can multiply that number by 4.

Let’s take a look:

How valuable is that patient now?

This 26-year-old man or woman who’s eager to recommend your practice is more valuable than you initially believe.

That is why every “How can I help you?” and “We hope you have a great day!” matter. That is why your team of techs or nurses matter. That is why your front desk and waiting area matter. That’s why your online reputation matters.

The man or woman who comes in for a routine eye exam or glasses can quickly become a loyal, valuable patient for life. Treat them like they’re worth $160,250, because they are!

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