Marketing in the days of COVID-19

Posted in Marketing, Miller Public Relations | March 20,2020

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Be Community-Minded and Stay Relevant During Trying Times

Businesses of every size and from every industry, everywhere, are grappling with a new reality. At best, they are struggling to figure out how to engage with customers and prospects in the wake of a world health pandemic. At worst, they are trying to keep things afloat as more and more Americans are staying home and spending less.

With great sincerity, we at Miller Public Relations do not wish to add to any fear or hysteria by pushing out even more communication surrounding the implications of the public health pandemic caused by COVID-19 that is unfolding before our eyes on a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute basis. We want only to let you know that Miller Public Relations remains open for business and we are ready to help you steer the boat and weather this storm.

Build Your Brand

Before it’s all over, this coronavirus crisis will surely test us all. But as marketers, we commit to helping our clients think long term and continue building their brands, protecting their teams, finding ways to help the community they serve, all while staying true to their values. 

And here’s why:

The wheels of commerce need to keep turning. This is how workers get paid and families get fed. And community-minded, relevant marketing is the vehicle that carries those wheels.

If there is one major marketing challenging now facing most brands, it is what to do about their newly slashed budgets. As scary as it is, it’s not the time to dump any remaining dollars into short-term performance marketing and sales promotions or to close up shop completely.

A short-game hustle will not stimulate a market that is currently terrified, social-distancing inside their homes and unsure of their future. We believe the smarter play is to use this moment in time where everyone is feeling a bit vulnerable to focus more on your long-term, brand-building mission. 

If you want your customer/client/patient to trust you tomorrow, show them you care today. 

Communicate that you’re not going anywhere and you stand with them in this difficult time. And if you’re in a position to help, do it!


We have an eye care client with the tagline “See the Difference”. A slight messaging pivot in a PSA sent out to their patient base and across local media, let the community know that in these scary times, this practice wants to “Be the Difference”. 

And by following up this messaging with service endeavors, volunteer hours and fast-tracking telemedicine capabilities to allow patients remote access to them with any questions and concerns, they are in fact being the difference in their community.

We are still putting the brand out there but not in a “salesy” way that does little more than come off as insensitive and/or out of touch.

Stay the Course

Is it a scary time fraught with uncertainty? Indeed it is. But, as history has shown us over and over, this too shall pass. So we have to make decisions with that day in mind. Sometimes, leadership is nothing more than making the best decision possible and then staying the course. 

At some point, consumers will return to the businesses they normally frequent, the Amazon delivery truck will be full, and rumbling down the road again, restaurants will reopen their dining rooms and doctor’s offices will reopen to patients beyond emergent situations. Schools will resume classes and grocery store shelves will be full again.  

At MPR, we are focused on that day. And on helping our clients to keep their brands out there in the most sensible, sensitive and community-minded ways possible. If you need help with messaging to your patients, your vendors, your clients, customers or even your own internal team, let us help. We are here to support you in this season and we invite you to reach out.

We remain real people responding to our valued clients and the community in real time. During this unprecedented public health challenge, we are doing our very best to serve and support our clients, our community and our own hard-working team. We’re certainly here if you need us.