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Posted in Miller Public Relations | February 13,2020

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Every Team Needs a Chocolate Milk Expert, Right?

By Tammy Hinojos, Director of Editorial Services

We’re growing. We have new brains. We’re offering more services. Things are poppin’ here at MPR and we’re so excited to introduce a few new team members. I recently sat down with the adorable, the witty, the fun and fabulous Nealie Sanchez, our new Digital Creative Specialist. A graduate of the University of North Texas with a BA in journalism, Nealie joined the team in August. Here’s the scoop:

TH: Okay, Nealie, how does a trained journalist become a digital creative specialist?

NS: As much as I love writing, I’ve found a real passion for creating digital content and seeing how it can motivate and move users. It’s so fun to gain skills in digital marketing and seeing how those skills can progress a client’s business goals.

TH: What exactly do you do on a day-to-day basis here at MPR? And what’s your favorite task?

NS: I manage our clients’ social media accounts, create content calendars for them and write lots and lots of social posts! I do some copy editing and design collateral and do some minor web design. I’m learning to use new programs and I just love being mentored by Kylie in graphic design. She’s a seasoned professional!

My favorite task is creating and developing a new advertising campaign and finally getting client approval! That means everyone liked my idea 😊

TH: What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned so far? And one fun thing you’ve learned that you didn’t know before.

NS: Besides learning that MPR’s coffee game is on point, Amanda taught me this and it’s a gem: Having an artistic eye is great – that makes you an artist. Having an artistic eye for someone else’s vision – that makes you a professional marketer.

As far as something fun I’ve learned I didn’t know before, let’s see; maybe how slow a cactus grows? And that ants like cactus pollen. We have a little science experiment going on in the creative room, but the ants seem to be containing themselves to the cactus pot, so for now, we’re allowing it.

TH: What do you like to do outside of work?

NS: I love to travel and my favorite thing to do is travel around the US, eating all the local foods, hitting up run-down antique malls and thrifting. I love sustainable fashion, which, if you didn’t know, is made up of three parts: materials that are eco-conscious, items that are made in a labor-conscious way and then there’s the recycle/reuse part, which is why I love thrifting so much! Also, I really, really like cleaning my carpet (it’s kind of an obsession) and petting my dog, a 3-year old Pomeranian, rat terrier mix named Ruekah. Sometimes, we even wear matching outfits.

TH: What’s something most people don’t know about you?

NS: That my boyfriend Charlie and I have a chocolate milk podcast where we try and rate all different types and brands of chocolate milk and then we share historical facts about agriculture and dairies.

TH: I always wondered whose chocolate milk that was in the breakroom fridge. Good to know! So what’s your favorite brand of chocolate milk?

NS: Promised Land. It’s everyone’s favorite, but it’s really that good.

TH: Anything else we should know?

NS: I generally get an entire cup of coffee in the morning and only drink two sips of it because I get carried away with work!

TH: Okay, last question. What’s the next big project on your plate?

NS: Getting our clients ready for 2020, which on my end, includes preparing all of their social calendars and contributing to their digital advertising campaigns. For me, all of the prepping is just as exciting as when we finally launch new marketing campaigns!

Looking for a marketing partner? Let’s chat. At MPR, we obviously come from all kinds of backgrounds and professions (look for more team member spotlights soon!). But our common denominator is our collective Yes-mentality. We are thinkers and doers; experts in marketing and public relations.

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