Meet the Team: Alisha

Posted in Miller Public Relations, Staff Members | June 1,2021

Thank Goodness We Have Alisha!

On any given day at Miller Public Relations, you’re liable to hear the above phrase or something very similar. Alisha Birch is our…let’s see…okay, well maybe she doesn’t have a formal title, but let me describe everything she does around here: finances, billing, payroll, human resources, media spot reporting, general administration and I. could. go. on.

But perhaps the best way to describe Alisha’s role here at MPR is: “We didn’t know we needed her until we had her” And also, “What did we ever do without her?!” And finally, “Alisha, never leave, okay?”

Alisha is a fan fave around here, and for good reason. She’s as calm as a cucumber (a very admirable trait in a high-energy, fast-paced marketing agency). She’s thoughtful, kind and wickedly funny. As a busy mom to four kids ranging in age from 17 to 8, Alisha puts up with zero baloney and keeps all ships (home and office) moving in the right direction.

How did you end up at MPR?

You guys had an ad in 2017 looking for a stay-at-home mom who wanted to work part-time from home reporting media spot times. That was perfect for me in that season! That’s how I started, but over the years, the position has grown to include handling financials, human resources and lots of other responsibilities.

What do you like about working here (unless you don’t actually like it, in which case, let’s just skip this question)?

First and foremost, I love the people! After spending over a decade at home raising kids, it was really nice to return to an office environment and to have other adults to talk to. And I also really love numbers, so balancing the books and seeing that line zero out when I’m reconciling accounts is really satisfying! This position is a great fit for me.

Tell us about your family and life outside the office.

My husband Craig and I were married 20 years last year. We have four great kids (Rodger, 17, Claudia, 15; Cordelia, 12; and Roman, 8). We also have two dogs, two cats and a turtle (a bribery pet to get my youngest son to sleep in his own room).

Did it work?

It did. And we really needed him to sleep in his own room, so even though I didn’t want a turtle, it was a win.

Okay, back to you. Let’s do Alisha: the Early Years:

I was born in Florida, and I’m the oldest of three girls. My grandfather was a Baptist preacher, and we all moved to Texas when I was a baby because he was called to pastor a church here.

I grew up in the area and graduated from Haltom High School. Then I went to UNT, and my degree is in Hospitality Management. I always dreamed of opening a Bed and Breakfast in Vermont, but after I got a job at the Harvey Hotel while I was in college, I figured out I definitely did not want to do that!

I had read a book about a flight attendant who traveled the world, and I thought, “That sounds fun!” so I became a flight attendant for American Airlines, and I absolutely loved it. I loved everything about it; meeting people, traveling, taking care of people. I was living in Manhattan in a tiny apartment with five other flight attendants. It was a really fun time of life!

Not long after that, I met Craig, and we got married in 2000. We moved a lot in the early years. We lived in Austin, then Oklahoma for two years, then back to Fort Worth, down to Round Rock for a few years and then finally back to this area in 2018.

Now that the kids are all in school, we don’t want to move anymore. We’re happy here. We love our church. We go to Fellowship of the Parks, where we’ve gone for 18 years. We volunteer there, and now that my kids are older, they serve in the children’s ministry.

With four kids, each having at least one activity, I spend most of my free time driving them to various practices, games and events, and then sitting in the stands supporting them. Craig and I love to go out to dinner when we can (Mexican, of course), and before Covid, we did a lot of traveling.

Best MPR memory:

Hmmm. I have so many! But how about the worst?! Remember when my sandal got stuck in the gas pedal of my car, and I knocked the brick fence down in the parking lot? Ugh. That was a pain. But I know a lot about fencing now.

Something most people don’t know about you:

I’m an expert in Texas history. I loved it when I was in school! And when I lived in Austin when I first got married, I got a job with the Texas Historical Society giving tours of the State Capitol and the Governor’s mansion. So much fun! And, yes, I am the person who will be reminding you when it’s San Jacinto Day or the day we remember the Alamo!

Favorite TV show:

Well, lately, I’ve been watching reruns of Three’s Company with my kids, and it’s been a lot of fun! I keep saying, “Guys, this is how the world was when I grew up!”

Introvert or extrovert?

Introvert. LOL! Just kidding, EXTROVERT!!

Don’t you just love her? We do, too! At MPR, we’re a diverse group. We’ve got some introverts, some extroverts, some people who love numbers and some who prefer words. But our common denominator is a high-spirited yes mentality that makes being on this team rewarding and fun! From full-service marketing and advertising campaign creation and management to culture training and consulting, our well is deep with talent and passion. We’d love to connect with you! Let’s talk.