Re-Engagement Strategies—Beyond the Shutdown

Posted in Business Practices, Marketing | May 20,2020

beyond the shutdown

How was your pandemic spring? Yeah, ours, too. But as they say about lemons, we’ve been mixing up some great lemonade over here—brainstorming ideas, talking to clients, researching trends, tweaking our own messaging and then helping our clients use this downtime to tweak theirs.

To help continue the conversation about the best ways to emerge from the national shutdown brought on by COVID-19, we’d like to share some growth strategy ideas we’ve been chewing on and talking about. Because even during times of crisis, there are still patients and consumers out there who have been on the internet looking to move forward and get on with their lives. Let’s be ready for them.

Three Ways to Reinvest in Your Company

Here are three ways to reinvest in your company and prepare to meet your consumers in a way that honors the change we’ve all been through.

Use your time to focus on internal messaging and training your staff.

Your company’s external marketing message should reflect your internal reality. Example: if you say you’re all about the patient experience, you have to actually be all about the patient experience. So take the time to think about what kind of story you want to tell with your messaging.

Whatever you decide, make sure it matches the current moment, rings true for you, and see to it that your call center understands and feels confident about it. You want patients/customers to have a good experience from the moment they pick up the phone and the call center is their first touch. Make a great impression!

Additionally, review your website, all your educational materials, and make sure your staff has the proper training to help tell your story. Revisit training and help team members freshen up on skills to successfully convert leads. Your staff needs to be reinvested in your mission so they can convey reassurance and trust to the public.

You should also hone in on what’s important to you and your brand. It should seem as though you are giving a big virtual hug through your messaging. Be innovative and think of ways your practice can stand out among your competitors while keeping in mind that consumers’ priorities have shifted. If you need help in establishing your message, don’t hesitate to reach out to marketing professionals. We are here to help!

Be sensitive to the concerns of your staff and patients.

If you are a medical practice, patients’ main priority is feeling comfortable and safe if/when they have to come into your office during this time of crisis. You have a unique opportunity to show them how you have gone the extra mile to ensure their safety.

One option proven to have a huge impact on patients is having the opportunity to speak to the doctor on the phone or through virtual consultations. This allows the patient to ask all the questions they have from the comfort of their home.

Implementing virtual consultations also gives you the chance to stay engaged and be available to your patients and referring doctors whenever they need you. The more time you put into your practice and making people feel safe, the easier it will be for patients to trust you with their eyes.

If your practice is already back up and running, think about implementing text messaging and allowing patients to wait in the car for a notification from you instead of having them sit in the waiting room. Provide new masks and gloves when they enter your office and sanitize the exam room after every patient. Make them feel reassured and safe, so they know you can be trusted.

Don’t allow your pipeline to run dry.

As a result of everyone being at home and spending more time on social media, we have seen an increase in engagement and impressions on paid ads. Some practices have pulled back on marketing, allowing advertising opportunities to be more affordable than ever. It’s important to have a gameplan on how to keep the leads flowing into your practice.

Think of putting money into a marketing budget as a way of investing in your own practice. If you are willing to make the investment now, you give yourself the opportunity to vastly improve your brand equity and “top of mind awareness”.

Know that the mindset of patients has changed, so we need to create content that speaks to them. Here are some quick ideas for a jumpstart:

  • Top 10 questions about LASIK
  • Film an office tour
  • Motivate others with new patient testimonials
  • Create polls on Facebook for patients to interact with
  • Educate with webinars

There are many channels to explore, and right now, there are many great deals to be had, so be innovative and take control of the market by flooding your pipeline.

You’re in Control Moving Forward

The global pandemic has stirred up a lot of fear due to the unknown. No one knows exactly when the light at the end of the tunnel will appear, so we need to focus on what we CAN control. Accept change and embrace it, so you come out on top when compared to the offices who decided to stay quiet and wait for the storm to pass.

You know it’s important to get your message out there and stay visible. And if you need help positioning your practice in this new normal, we can help. From easy-to-digest messaging to your patients, your vendors or even your own internal team to a complete comeback campaign strategy, we’ve got you.