Right Where She’s Supposed to Be

Posted in Branding, Miller Public Relations | November 9,2020

Meet our Director of Creative Services, Kylie

cyndi miller by Tammy Hinojos, Director of Editorial Services

Every team has one. You know the type. The steady, thoughtful one. Dependable to her core. The one who remembers all the stuff the rest of us forget (like watering the plants, writing the thank you notes and asking about your sick dog). Never attention-seeking but certainly worthy of all kinds of attention. That’s our beloved Kylie Lupher, Director of Creative Services.

If you don’t know Kylie, you need to. You’ll be a better person by the very next day, trust me:

TH: How does one become a creative director? I guess you’ve always been a creative type?

KL: Well, yes, I’ve always been a creative type. Even when I was little, I loved crafting and art projects. On family vacations, I loved taking pictures and always preferred to be behind the camera than in front of it!

So I ended up getting my degree in Photography from UNT and went to work for a photography studio when I graduated. Interestingly, the more photography I did at the studio, the less I enjoyed it. One year, our graphic designer got really sick right before our busy holiday season. She gave me a quick rundown of Adobe InDesign and said, “Go”! I was kind of thrown into designing with no training. And I absolutely loved it. I mean, I sincerely fell in love. And that was how it all started.

TH: What is it that you love about graphic design?

KL: I think I always had the eye for it, and being trained as a photographer certainly helped with that. And I have always wanted to create. It’s just a very internal drive to create beauty. With designing, I get to fully immerse myself in the design in a really different way than you do with photography.

TH: So how did you end up at MPR?

KL: Working at the photography studio really solidified for me that I wanted to pursue a full-time position in graphic design. So when I heard that MPR was looking for a graphic designer back in 2015, I applied. It’s been a great experience for me to learn and develop my craft. Then in 2019, I was given the opportunity to step into my current role as Director of Creative Services. I genuinely love what I get to do every day!

TH: What’s your favorite kind of project to work on?

KL: My favorite would have to be branding and logo design. It’s really exciting for me when someone reaches out with a need, and I am able to really dig in, research, learn about their brand’s mission and objectives, who their audience is and so many other things that go into the mix. When I get the vision for what it could be and begin turning it into something visual, it’s so rewarding!

I also really enjoy website design and, of course, anything tangible – like invitations and marketing collateral. I have a slightly odd obsession with paper and I love selecting just the right feel, color, weight, sheen and grain. There’s a lot that goes into it and every little detail matters!

TH: It’s true! I think we’ve all seen Kylie caressing and obsessing over paper samples more than once! But enough about paper. Let’s talk about life outside of work.

KL: Sure! I’m married to my best friend and awesome husband, Andy, and we have a sweet Corgi named Radley, who is almost 10. He’s more than a little spoiled, he’s our fur child! We bought our first home in 2020, and we’ve really enjoyed decorating it and making it ours. We love traveling, hiking and just exploring new places all over the world. As soon as the pandemic settles down, we will start traveling again. There are so many places we want to go!

TH: Okay, on a more serious note, let’s talk about 2020 and what that looked like at MPR.

KL: Wow, what an unexpected start to the year we all faced! I was actually traveling internationally when the pandemic hit and was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to get back. I made it home and returned to work, where we were faced with a lot of uncertainty. Our team was literally taking it day by day, just serving our clients as many of them were having to pivot hard and lay off people.

Here at MPR, we had to make some internal changes, too, and it was a scary time. But I think that season really taught us to lean on each other and to focus on what really mattered in that moment. Our leadership team got so close during that time, and that was one bright spot in a difficult season. Now, we are mostly on the other side of that challenging chapter, and our team is stronger than ever.

TH: Okay, last question. What’s the next big project on your plate?

KL: We are in the middle of a really exciting rebrand for an existing client who wanted a completely new look and feel to match his vision. We are almost ready to launch, and I’m so proud of the work our team has done on this project!

2020 also afforded us as a team the opportunity to spend a little more time on marketing ourselves. We are finishing up a branded, meaty marketing piece that we’ve never had before and it’s been so much fun! (Interested in seeing it? Reach out, and we’ll mail you one!)

Miller Public Relations is a great place to work, and, as you can imagine, Kylie is a huge part of that! If we can serve your organization in any way, we’d be honored!

Yes, we can.