YES! Ring a Ding-Ding! We’ve Got a Thing for Your Business

Posted in Marketing, Miller Public Relations | July 6,2018


By Cyndi Miller, CEO of Miller Public Relations

“I’m thinking about my doorbell. When ya gonna ring it, when you going to ring it.” – Jack White, The White Stripes

I’m actually thinking about your doorbell. And how many new patients we can get walking through your door, not only once but for years and generations to come. How can we help?

We know it’s a daunting task to select a marketing agency and you have some legwork to do before finalizing a decision. Here we point out key considerations to help in your agency search and selection process.


You will want to hire and onboard an agency that will act as an extension of you and your business. You should expect to be heard. A good agency is customer-centric in understanding your growth objectives, not just offering up generalities or cookie-cutter solutions. You also want action on your directives, as in strategic counsel and tactical solutions in a timely, accountable manner. This results orientation means being able to deliver on objectives beginning within the first four to six weeks. You don’t need an agency that is going to take four months for a “discovery process” about you.

This leads right into…


An agency that specializes in your market segment or industry and serves to grow businesses is a winner. For instance, if you are a healthcare provider, it’s a great idea to ask for references and samples of published work that represents other satisfied clients. A specialist will minimize any learning curve and bring category insight along with a keen understanding of many of your products. This specialization also translates into an agency that offers exclusivity in providing all services in your competitive market area.


Not only do you want significant years of proven experience, you also want to know that an agency can navigate the various marketing functional disciplines. Do you need your agency to promote you to radio or TV stations, newspapers, magazines and technical publications? How about a branding, rebranding or messaging strategy to boost your image? Or even a strong social/digital media presence across multiple platforms? These are questions you need to consider. You want an agency that is ultra-proficient in the channels through which you want to communicate your message.


This can have a lot to do with agency size. A well-oiled and highly-charged smaller boutique may be the answer if you want speed in execution on deliverables; or swift adaptability to ever-evolving market challenges, technologies and news cycles. You need an agency that can manage the multiple moving parts of your business.

People + Technology.

A good agency will hand select employees who bring a variety of talent, share the same passion and can thrive in a culture of hard work, constant deadlines and personal accountability. The idea is to foster a spirit of collaboration and cooperation mixed in with some fun. Eventually, this turns great colleagues into friends.

The use of internal technology by an agency should also be a consideration for hire. Technology such as robust software to enable seamless project management and document sharing with clients helps with overall efficiencies between the agency and you.


How well does an agency handle your money? From the very first meeting to presenting a proposal, an agency should be transparent and specific about costs of all marketing activities per itemized project or hourly rate. Or, you tell us a budget and we will come up with a plan that fits it. At Miller Public Relations, our project management software keeps tabs on our people time and your pocketbook. With us, there are no hidden costs or agendas.

Why Our Doorbell?

Miller Public Relations is an “all-in” marketing agency for business to consumer (B2C) clients who usually happen to be in the medical care industry. What do we mean by “all in?” Once you open the door to Miller Public Relations, we are all hands on deck. Let’s ask one of our employees. “One of the first things we do once onboard is visit your business to observe your practices. You can call it a marketing audit, with the purpose of getting to know the heart of your business. We want your inside to match the outside we are promoting,” says Tammy Adams, Editorial and PR Director.

In fact, we’ve even been known to help with your recruiting process should you need to staff up internally. That’s how well we get to know you…and do our jobs to the best of that collective knowledge.

Note, also, we realize the fact that most of our clients don’t have time during “normal” business hours to talk with us. This means they are constantly caring for their influx of patients…and we are doing something right. It’s totally fine to ring my doorbell after hours. Happens all the time.

As CEO of Miller Public Relations, my goal is for you to become and remain “THE GO TO” business or medical practice in your respective specialties.

The first promise I make to you: When you ring our doorbell, the first hour of consultation is on the house. Ring us at 817.281.3440 or fill out the form below.


Oh, and always make time for a snack!