Brand Identity

Your brand is how your customers perceive who you are. It's a global statement that characterizes the mission, vision and values of your company. It's the calculated choice of words, colors, design. Your brand must look consistent across all messaging platforms in support of the promise you make to your customers.

Logo Design

A logo is a visual device that graphically represents a company with the expressed purpose of creating a memorable and an instantly recognizable brand association.

We will work with you to determine the ‘essence’ of your brand. Collaboratively with strategists and designers, we’ll carefully select colors and design elements to bring your story to life in a single representation.

Messaging Strategy

What do you want to say in just a few words? A tagline is what you want people to believe are personally relevant benefits of buying into your brand. It should be succinct and memorable. The concept is to create a memorable phrase that strengthens your audience’s perception of your product or company.

We take your story and tell it like it’s supposed to be told through thoughtful headlines, taglines and slogans. Having a clear, concise messaging strategy takes your brand from just another business on the ledge to one that resides at the top of the mountain.

Cohesive Collateral

It can be difficult to quickly and effectively communicate to a prospective customer what the heart of your business is, along with a detailed account of the services offered.

This is why we design and produce comprehensive collateral that enables your business to hand something to a new customer that tells the story for you. The collateral pieces that we produce at Miller Public Relations effectively organize and communicate important information, and all of this is accomplished in grand style. Our collateral artwork will make your job of communicating the ‘big picture’ with your customers much easier.

Internal Design

When a customer walks into your business,
everything you have put out externally must also be
represented internally. We can help bring your brand
to life inside your business.

This includes (but is not limited to):
• Interior Design
• Uniform Selection
• Commissioned Art and Posters
• On-screen Display (video loops)
• Product-driven Peripherals (brochures, takeaways, table toppers, posters)
• Promotional Items (pens, cups, flash drives, etc.)
• These items not only expand on the customer experience, they are great ways to upsell an attentive audience that already knows and trusts your brand