Consulting + Training

Our philosophy is simple: “Your inside must match your outside.”

Before we can engage in external marketing, we have to be confident that everything we are saying about you is true. When you partner with us, the first thing we’ll want to do is meet you, see your practice, meet your team and be a “fly on the wall” for a little while.

From there, we’ll make suggestions that will facilitate your success – every step of the way.

Broad Market + Internal Analysis

Any media campaign needs to align with your local market and with how your business runs, or it will not succeed. At Miller Public Relations, we carefully craft every campaign within the context of a high-level strategy. We will perform a thorough analysis of your local market, including a healthy look at local media and your competition. Simultaneously, we will optimize your internal operations and provide an objective view of your total environment as it relates to your projected success in your market.

Business Consulting + Strategy

We are business consultants and strategists. We have the ability to assess your specific market, your competition, your organization and internal staff. We identify all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and deliver critical insights into the strategies and tactics you can leverage to achieve sustainable, reproducible, long-term growth for your organization.

Staff Training + Development

Providing your customers with nothing short of a high-level, warm, pleasant and memorable experience while they are engaging with your team is THE single most important area of building a strong referral-based business.

The best part? This legacy building culture does not cost external marketing dollars. Our expert trainers will conduct extensive 5-star customer service training. We will guide your team with the expressed purpose of developing an Ambassadorial Business Model comprised of customers who are willing and excited to talk about their experiences with your company.

Reputation Management

A 2016 survey of 4000 patients found that 84% of respondents used online reviews to evaluate doctors – double the figure from a similar survey in 2014 – and that nearly half would even go out-of-network to select a physician with better reviews than a similarly qualified in-network doctor. Over three-quarters of those respondents noted that use of online reviews was their first step in selecting a doctor. As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Thus, reputation management has become an increasingly critical component of increased practice success.

MPR provides a proactive, systems approach to enhancing client reputations. We assess what people have been saying about a client then build a broad footprint across key social media websites and traditional/legacy media outlets. We help our clients build a positive social media profile with high quality content to generate business respect and market trust as well as “inoculate” the practice against inevitable attacks. Further, we work with client staffs and install systems to help generate positive patient feedback and enhance word-of-mouth marketing . We provide 24/7 social media monitoring and, when necessary, we provide constructive responses to negative reviews or media coverage. If warranted, we aggressively pursue illegitimate attackers and secure negative review take-down agreements.

MPR’s reputation management approach is responsive, sustained, broad and effective. We have the staff, creativity and passion to generate positive media presence and suppress negative content. When combined with search engine optimization efforts and persuasive customer testimonials, we help ensure that prospective customers’ impression of our clients is one of confidence and respect.

Event Planning

Do you have a special occasion that you want to celebrate? A grand opening, a job fair or an upcoming educational seminar you want to host? Event planning can be ultra-stressful, so why not let Miller Public Relations take the lead?

We can promote, publicize, source and produce spectacular events that will create leads and bring customers in your door.