Digital Marketing + Tools

Digital marketing – it’s a must. No questions asked. Where do people go when they’re in search of a service? The internet, of course. So, you need to be in the right place at the right time. We have the tools and strategies to put you there.

Google Adwords Paid Search

Paid search is a way to get your message in front of people who are searching for what you sell. In every Google search, there are a number of places at the top of search results that are given to brands that pay to be there. YOU want to be there.

Digital Marketing + Tools

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is unique (and extra valuable) in that it is not meant to introduce your product to your audience, it is reminding them of it.

Here’s how retargeting works: Someone in the “research phase” visits your website – let’s call her Jane. Jane views a page or two. She gets distracted or isn’t quite ready to do anything else. She leaves. If you’re not retargeting, Jane could be gone forever. If you ARE retargeting (thanks to Miller Public Relations), here’s what happens. Jane gets “cookied” – meaning that she gets put onto a list (your retargeting list). Now when Jane visits a website or mobile app that serves ads or is scrolling through Facebook, she will see YOUR ad, again, and again, and again.

The goal is to keep your brand in Jane’s mind, make her return to your website and this time, convert into a customer. This goal can be met with Retargeting.

Digital Marketing + Tools

Display Advertising

Display advertising functions much like Paid Search in that it is search-based. However, instead of being plain-text messages at the top of Google search results, display ads are images, videos or animations that appear on various websites.

Therefore, they are not immediate results of a Google search like referenced in the Paid Search section, they are shown later, on a variety of websites.

Digital Marketing + Tools

Targeted Mobile Advertising

How can you effectively outmaneuver your competition?

People are on the go. It’s important to capture them with what makes sense and when it makes sense. With today’s mobile advertising technology, we are able to effectively target people based on the things they search, the places they go, the apps they download and more.

Having someone visit your website is great. But what if those clicks are coming from people who aren’t even in your market? What if you’re trying to target a certain area? What if you’re wanting to advertise to a certain demographic? Don’t waste your time and money advertising to people you know will never walk into your business. What your business needs is a targeted mobile advertising campaign directed to your desired audience. This makes sure that your campaigns are seen by your specific target market and will maximize your ROI.

Digital Marketing + Tools

Link Building

The “world wide web” is in fact, a web. Think of it as a big spider web that you must weave with good, strong, readable, linkable content. It is no longer good enough to just have your content on your website (that’s just the beginning), you also have to have it on other websites. We can help build your web presence, one link at a time.

We’ll spare you the tech-y details an say, “yes, we’ll handle that for you.”

Digital Marketing + Tools

Web Chat

Let’s be honest – everyone is a little impatient when browsing online. We live in an on-demand world and people want what they want when they want it. Having a chat service integrated into your website makes capturing leads so much easier 24/7. It gives that potential customer the opportunity to ask for whatever they might need and get an answer instantly – without feeling obligated to schedule an appointment or make a purchase. People will be more inclined to ask questions online as opposed to having a long conversation over the phone or walking into the clinic and being overwhelmed with questions.

Digital Marketing + Tools


A great website does nothing if it can’t be found.

That’s where we come in. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just a great tool to get more eyes on your website, it’s vital for site success.

First, we have a strategy session to prioritize your online goals. Through analytics, we are constantly creating keyword lists based on extensive research and then (the best part), we make sure that your site says what it needs to say (content) in order to show up at the top of search engine results. The easier you are to find (being at the top of search results), the more people end up on your website. The more people on your website, the more opportunities to capture new customers.

Digital Marketing + Tools

Lead Capture Tools

What’s a website worth if it doesn’t bring people in the door? Nothing.

That’s where we come in. Tools to engage your visitors and capturing their information is the number one goal of a website. Sure, we want to inform, but most of all, we want every visitor to become a viable lead.

We analyze who’s on your site and what they’re doing in order to “capture” them at the right place at the right time. Products like self-tests, contact boxes and exit-intent pop-ups are just the beginning of maximizing your online lead generation potential.

We bring visitors to the site, keep them there through engaging content and give them every opportunity to say hello (ie convert).

What’s in it for you?

More conversions = more customers = more revenue. When your website is working for you, you win.

Digital Marketing + Tools

Marketing Automation for Lead Nurture

A chronic issue most businesses face today is converting digital leads to customers. At Miller Public Relations, we recognize this struggle and strive to eliminate it. We will work with your CRM system and develop automated email, text and social media-driven responders that are carefully written to re-engage leads in the following days, weeks, months, even years after they first called, filled out a form or sent a carrier pigeon to your business expressing their interest.

Through these engaging auto-responses, your business can reactivate leads that typically would have been thought dead and useless.

Digital Marketing + Tools

Review Generation Programs

In today’s digital marketing world, people are more likely to trust what other people say about a business as opposed to what a company says about itself. What this means for business owners is that reviews on Facebook, Google and Yelp are 100x more important than what they used to be. Our review generation program can amplify your reputation and will give you the opportunity to monitor and manage what people are saying about you online.

Ask us for a demonstration of our review gathering application.

Digital Marketing + Tools

Email Campaigns

Hit them in their inbox.

According to research by The Relevancy Group, 66% of online consumers check their email multiple times per day. Be there when they do.

Have a sale or something new you want to promote? Let’s email about it. This is especially helpful with the ebbs, flows and seasonality of your business.

By creating a robust and automated email campaign, you can get your message across in an effective and efficient manner. We can craft compelling emails that are strategically timed and targeted to generate the most response.

Email campaigns can be successfully used for the first touch and/or reactivating cold leads.

Digital Marketing + Tools

Social Media

Do you have a Facebook, Instagram, or other social media profile? So should your business.
This is THE place to tell your story through photos, videos and content that interests your audience. But social media doesn’t stop at just your News Feed, Timeline, or Snap Story. The paid side of social media can excel your business to targeted audiences as well. While you increase your brand’s visibility, you set the tone for what your customers can expect when they visit your business.

Digital Marketing + Tools

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Do you want to reach women over 25 who have children? How about someone who does CrossFit on the weekends? With paid social media advertising, it is entirely possible. Through a sophisticated targeting platform, we are able to create content and put it in front of the right people at the right time. The best part? This is one of the least expensive, yet impactful, methods to capture leads in real-time as well as drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness.

Digital Marketing + Tools

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat Strategy

One platform is good, but multiple platforms are even better. From generation to generation, there is a different interest level in different platforms – that’s why you have to be on all of them. Our team plans, creates, and executes tailored content for various social media platforms depending on the product being marketed, and the demographic being targeted.

Digital Marketing + Tools

Community Interaction + Management

Consistent, reliable communication on your social media channels can build relationships with potential customers, creating a sense of trust and comfort with your brand.

Knowing what is said about your brand is key is to managing your reputation. A first step in getting “in the know” is being active in the community. That no longer just means your physical community, neighborhood, or city. That means your social media community as well.

Digital Marketing + Tools